Braum, The Heart of Freljord is coming!

Long avaited support champion, Braum, is coming to the Summoners Rift very soon, it is time to meet him!

| 6 hours ago |

EpicGear Cup #3 to be held next week

With the LCS champions being crowned for the Spring Split 2014 and the LCS summer season starting soon, it is your time to shine! EpicGear announced their dates for the upcoming third edition of their...

| 2 days ago |

Twitch Expands in Paris, France

Following the expansion of Twitch in London, Amsterdam and Prague to increase its European capacity and to provide a better service, Twitch is now expanding its infrastructure in Paris. The purpose of...

| 20 days ago |

Do You Know Them, Episode 3

'Do You Know Them' is back with Episode 3, and this time in2LOL will introduce three males that you may already know. If you missed the previous episodes, here are the two previous episodes - Episode...

| 19 days ago |

Ultra Rapid Fire About To End!

Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F.) kicked off with an awesome game by Cloud9 vs TSM and it is a hell of fun for the community to play themselves. This post is here to remind you that the lols are soon to be...

| 16 days ago |

Ultra Rapid Fire Is Staying for Another Week!

Riot heard the community's pleas and wishes. They have extended Ultra Rapid Fire until Sunday, April 13th.

| 16 days ago |

Get Your LCS Playoff Ticket Before It's Too Late

If you didn't get to have a look at the schedules, brackets, and ticket prices for the EU and NA LCS Playoffs, this post will be a help!

| 16 days ago |

Chinese Gamers Vote: Best Champions

Champions get buffed and nerfed continuously, patch after patch as Riot Games pushes for balance. Which champions would be the strongest in case Riot never nerfed any of the champions?

| 14 days ago |

Fighting the Giants

SK Gaming proved their worth by securing the number 1 spot in the spring split, but more work has to be done. With All-Star approaching, they need to step up and take what they deserve.

| 10 days ago |

Interview with Amazing: "The rematch decision was not...

This split was really surprising since it wasn't easy to know which team would be number one. in2LOL asked Maurice 'Amazing' Stückenschneider questions about the split and the game itself. His team,...

| 9 days ago |

Curse: Splitting Off From Its eSports Teams!

Curse have announced that they will be splitting off from their esports teams. A new ownership is going to take over for a new independent organization.

| 7 days ago |

China's New LoL Bootcamp

According to Michael Johnson on the Chinese eSports outlet recently announced a training center for League of Legends. It is located in Shanghai's university district of...

| 6 days ago |