Riot Games' New Disciplinary Measures for 'Extreme Toxicity'

Riot Games are eager to change the toxic reputation of the League of Legends community. A tweet from Riot's Lead Designer of Social Systems, Jeffrey Lin has been spread across forums and websites....

| 29 days ago |

Debonair Vi And Ezreal Skins Now Available

In their latest patch notes Riot Games have announced two new skins to be released soon. Soon is now and now you are able to purchase Debonair Vi and Ezreal!

| 13 days ago |

World Championship 2014 Preliminary Schedule

Riot Games have confirmed the 2014 World Finals will be kicking off in Seoul. Read on to find out when and where exactly the finals will be taking place!

| 14 days ago |

Sona Rework

After one lengthy time waiting for these rumored changes to Sona, Riot Games have finally released her official changes. Read on to find out what exactly has been changed and why.

| 20 days ago |

The New Champion - Gnar

Riot Games have announced a new Champion with the Patch 4.13 Notes. It's a one thousand year old yordle named Gnar. He's supposed top lane champion with two forms, if you want to find out more about...

| 20 days ago |

Patch 4.13 Notes - Update

You will find the latest changes to League of Legends below. This is the second patch notes part which has been updated with the changes to items, maps, and more.

| 20 days ago |

Patch 4.13 Notes - Champion Changes

Since the League of Legends World Championship is near Riot Games want to push through another patch. This means that the patch is going to be a large one in terms of number of changes. Read on to...

| 21 days ago |

Do You Have What It Takes To Win?

Take your chance and participate at today's EpicGear Weekly Cup! What's at stake for you can be found out by reading on.

| 23 days ago |

Will regions lose their purpose?

We are seeing a lot of roster changes in recent years, players changing regions, or even whole teams. What effect can these situations have?

| 25 days ago |

Riot Games Punishing H2K GAMING, And KDS + K2

Riot Games have published EU Challenger Series Rulings for H2K Gaming and NA Challenger Series Rulings for Kimchi Dos Spicy & Kimchi 2 Spicy. Check out all the details below.

| 27 days ago |

TSM - Support Benched - Team Now An International Mix

Team SoloMid once again announces team changes and unsurprisingly it is the support player who's being replaced... again. The team went from being one of the most sustainable rosters to one that has...

| 28 days ago |

Chinese 16-Year-Old Murders Roommate After Losing LoL Match

When playing League of Legends and losing because of AFKs, toxic players or simply because you or your team mates are just not good enough can be really frustrating. Sometimes this frustration leads...

| 29 days ago |