Interview with Amazing: "The rematch decision was not...

This split was really surprising since it wasn't easy to know which team would be number one. in2LOL asked Maurice 'Amazing' St├╝ckenschneider questions about the split and the game itself. His team,...

| 1 day ago |

Banana Power: Quadrakill

| 1 day ago |

Fighting the Giants

SK Gaming proved their worth by securing the number 1 spot in the spring split, but more work has to be done. With All-Star approaching, they need to step up and take what they deserve.

| 2 days ago |

March Bundles Out!

With the already released Arctic Ops Varus skin and the upcoming Rumble skin, Riot announces the March bundles. All these new offers in combination with the upcoming content will cost lots of RP. It...

| 19 days ago |

Team Builder Officially Staying!

Riot Games have announced a new queue that allows you to select a specific role, champion and position before even joining a team: The Team Builder!

| 20 days ago |

Scarra Steps Down From Dignitas

Dignitas has confirmed William 'Scarra' Li is stepping down from Dignitas, and have also announced his replacement. The long-term mid laner will remain as a substitute and his replacement is none...

| 21 days ago |

Chinese Gamers Rage at Riot's Lead Designer

On January 15th 2014 it was confirmed that former World of Warcraft lead systems designer Greg 'Ghostcrawler' Street had been hired by Riot Games as the new lead designer for League of Legends. This...

| 21 days ago |

LoLTagger, a way to select champions faster!

During champion select you need to know which champion you will play depending on your role. This new application allows you to create your own groups with the champions you want. No more panic during...

| 22 days ago |

Roster Changes for Millenium

Millenium has been performing poorly this split, and their are calls from fans for the organisation to make a change. With that in mind, they have decided to part ways with Alvar 'Araneae' Martin...

| 23 days ago |

SK-Gambit: there will be a rematch!

It is a real surprise for everybody that Riot decided to remake the match between SK Gaming and Gambit Gaming. A bug with Aatrox appeared during the game, giving a great advantage to Evgeny...

| 18 days ago |

Chinese Champion Nicknames Translated

GamesInAsia did not disappoint when publishing a list of Chinese League of Legends Champion nicknames created by the Chinese speaking community. Take a look at how your favorite League Champions are...

| 13 days ago |

The All-Star Challenge: Your Vote Counts!

The eagerly anticipated All-Star event for Season 4 is coming. As previously discussed in this earlier article, it was revealed that the even will be held in Paris, France. However, it will be in a...

| 13 days ago |