Chinese 16-Year-Old Murders Roommate After... When playing League of Legends and losing because of AFKs, toxic players or simply because you or your team mates are just not good enough can be really frustrating. Sometimes this... | 1 day ago |
Riot Games' New Disciplinary Measures for... Riot Games are eager to change the toxic reputation of the League of Legends community. A tweet from Riot's Lead Designer of Social Systems, Jeffrey Lin has been spread across... | 1 day ago |
Patch Rundown – 4.12 Riot Games have started something like a talk show all around the patch notes - including Rioters and League of Legends pros. Check out their first video of the new series! | 2 days ago |
In 6 Hours From Now: EpicGear Cup Weekly Start! You have holidays soon and want to earn some extra cash to be able to enjoy your vacation even more? How about participating in today's EpicGear Cup at 18:30 CEST?! | 2 days ago |
Gamers2 part ways with Dioud! EU Challenger team, Gamers2, replace support Hugo 'Dioud' Padioleau with Fernando 'Rydle' Soria. | 6 days ago |
[Patch 4.13] Live Gameplay Forecast Since the League of Legends World Championship is near Riot Games want to push through another patch. This means that the patch is going to be a large one in terms of number of... | 6 days ago |
Patch 4.12 Notes With some updates to the jungle icons, buffs to Ahri and Alistar as well as changes to the ever popular Lucian this latest patch is shaping up to be interesting! | 6 days ago |
Bench-Time Over for Diamondprox! About a week ago Gambit Gaming announced that they are due to drop two of their most well known players in an attempt to avoid dropping out of the League Championship Series.... | 7 days ago |
Hazmat Heimerdinger and Confirmation For A New... Today three League of Legends announcements have been published by Riot Games. Following the post about the Doom Bots of Doom! Riot Games have released a new skin and confirmed the... | 8 days ago |
The Doom Bots of Doom Soon To Be Activated! Recently the news from Riot Games is in on next League of Legends featured game mode spread, the word: Doom Bots of Doom! Today the announcement has been officially released with... | 8 days ago |