Meet The Korean All-Star Team!

posted by Miss Auri, 3 years ago
With the 2013 All-Star Weekend fast approaching, League of Legends eSports fans have been eagerly studying the All-Star lineups and trying to predict who will claim glory in the tournament at the end of May.

The Competition

Five teams, one each from North America, Europe, Korea, China, and South-East Asia/Taiwan will compete for the title of the best professional League of Legends region in the world. Having already introduced the North American and European All-Star Teams, Riot have now provided an in-depth look at the first of the Asian teams (and one of the Tournament favourites) - the Korean All-Stars.

Meet The Team

Top Lane: kr Park 'Shy' Sang-myeon of krCJ ENTUS Frost

Although one of the least experienced players in the professional League of Legends scene upon his debut in Season 2, kr Shy quickly gained a reputation for his dominant top lane play. He was awarded MVP at the IEM Season VII World Championships, and has often been played a vital in the dominance of kr CJ ENTUS Frost.

Mid Lane: kr Kang 'Ambition' Chan-yong of kr CJ ENTUS Blaze

A dedicated gamer from a very young age, kr Ambition brings a high level of mechanical skill and a wide champion pool to the All-Star tournament. kr Ambition has been a crucial factor in the successes of kr CJ ENTUS Blaze since he joined the team in 2011, such as in their victory at the IEM Season VII World Championships.

Jungler: kr Choi 'inSec' In-seok of kr KT Rolster B

Having recently transferred over to kr KT Rolster B, kr inSec has become well known for his unique jungling style, favouring carry junglers such as Zed or Evelynn over tank or utility junglers. In fact, he was the first to popularise jungle Zed, who is often banned against him. Many other world-class junglers consider kr inSec to be the best jungler in the world.

AD Carry: kr Kim 'PraY' Jong-in of kr NaJin Sword

Renowned for his aggressive playstyle, kr PraY has been instrumental in the success of kr NaJin Sword. Regarded as one of the, if not the best AD Carry in Korea, kr PraY has shown time and again that he can go toe-to-toe with the best carries in the world.

Support: kr Hong 'MadLife' Min-gi of kr CJ ENTUS Frost

Securing 80% of the All-Star vote for his region (also, incidentally, the highest percentage received by any player in any region), kr MadLife is known as "God" for a very good reason. Widely considered the best support in the world from his performances, he is renowned for his wide and innovative champion pool, dominant late-game, and his devastating "grab" champions.

Don’t Miss the All-Star Weekend!

The All-Star Tournament will run from May 24 to May 26 in Shanghai, China. The top four regional teams after the All-Star Weekend will secure a bye to the World Championship quarterfinals for the top ranked team in their region. In addition, the winning team will secure an extra spot for their region at the World Championships. Most importantly, however, the winning All-Star team will claim the title of best region and the best players in the world! You can catch all the action at the League of Legends esports site.

Do you think that the Korean All-Star Team have what it takes to continue the tradition of Korean dominance on the international stage, or will one of the other regional teams give them a run for their money? Are you happy with the Korean line-up, or do you think a particular player has missed out? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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Torises wrote at 15.05.2013, 13:58 CEST:
Shy best top ever.
LGDFUN wrote at 15.05.2013, 16:19 CEST:
no Faker omg
megaman27 wrote at 15.05.2013, 16:50 CEST:
Torises wrote:
Shy best top ever.
Flame is better than him, flame is probably the best top in korea right now.
dYnAm1c wrote at 15.05.2013, 17:07 CEST:
Only team that can contest the chinese team IMO, the european team may be good, but not that good.
LGDFUN wrote at 15.05.2013, 18:13 CEST:
na team will own all :D
Tr1ckser wrote at 15.05.2013, 20:56 CEST:
LGDFUN wrote:
na team will own all :D

xDDD sure
egosuperus wrote at 15.05.2013, 21:43 CEST:
LGDFUN wrote:
na team will own all :D

this is the funniest reply I've ever read LOL!!
Lunasea wrote at 15.05.2013, 22:29 CEST:
no faker and no imp, how they expect to face the chinese without the 2 best players atm in Korea?
bili209 wrote at 16.05.2013, 15:28 CEST:
i dont care what ya say, SEA will take this. 8====D

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