Aatrox - The Darkin Blade - Revealed!

posted by Zeltoni, 2 years ago

The next champion is upcoming, revealed and hopefully it will soon rush out on the Fields of Justice! This time, Riot has decided to make a champion focusing on self-sustain, duelism and strong fighter abilities! Who might this champion be? Read on for the details!

Aatrox - The Darkin Blade

After the release of Lissandra,a highly mobile champion with high crowd control, Riot has chosen to create a champion with more duelism skills, self-sustain and a great deal of utility in both single-target damage as well as an impact on teamfights! Aatrox' abilities allow him to be played either as an aggressive duelist-assassin or simply as a tanky bruiser, allowing him to tank and deal out some damage as well!


  • Blood Well (Passive)

  • Dark Flight (Q)

  • Blood Thirst (W)

  • Blades of Torment (E)

  • Massacre (Ultimate)

Aatrox' impact on the game

Aatrox is mostly made for the toplane or midlane, depending on how you want to play him. Basically, his sustain makes him able to either trade it out with an opponent in the toplane or it just opens for a lot of possiblities considering farming.
His skillset allows him to get an advantage in the toplane since he's able to farm and push the lane aggressively with escape tools such as Blades of Torment and Dark Flight. Moreover, he is capable of trading it out with enemies, since his Blood Thirst offers both sustain, but at the same time a great burst-bonus to his already burst-potent skillset.

In teamfights, his skillset offers him many options. Offensively used, his job will be to seek out a squishy target and nuke it down. As soon as an opening shows itself, initiating with Dark Flight and dishing out tons of damage with Massacre and Blood Thirst leaving the target with only the blood flowing out of his body. His passive, Blood Well makes him capable of baiting and surviving a teamfight at the same time. Used wisely, this could have fatal consequences for an unprepared enemy team.

What are your thoughts about this champion? Will he be the melee counterpart to Vladimir? Will he create a "bloody" strong force on the Fields of Justice? Let us know in the comment section!

Sources: Riot Release Post

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Bonclay wrote at 10.05.2013, 18:03 CEST:
Haha dude his W and R are almost exactly like Maliken from Heroes Of Newerth

but im already in love with the design of this Champ, though :)

edited by Bonclay at 10.05.2013, 18:12 CEST
TMA Deviant wrote at 10.05.2013, 18:49 CEST:
now thats a champion i want to buy
Dieser_Wombat wrote at 10.05.2013, 21:02 CEST:
he sounds strong but def. not unique or fun
Serakris wrote at 11.05.2013, 01:39 CEST:
Bonclay wrote:
Haha dude his W and R are almost exactly like Maliken from Heroes Of Newerth
but im already in love with the design of this Champ, though :)

Yeah exactly he immediately reminded me of Maliken in HoN when I saw his spells and his design but he looks amazing Im pretty fascinated by that.
dannyiswet wrote at 11.05.2013, 06:13 CEST:
that passive will be the GOD of baits
FireCookie wrote at 11.05.2013, 14:20 CEST:
Looks badass!

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