OGN Champions Spring 2013: Group Stage Statistics

posted by Obran, 2 years ago
The last two group stage games of OGN Champions Spring 2013 were played yesterday. Among the 12 teams which participated, the best four teams from each group advanced to the knockout stage, where they will collide and fight for the title of Korean Spring Champions 2013.

The most dominant force throughout the group stage was team kr CJ Entus Frost, which have won 8 out of 10 their games, finishg first in the Group B. In the Group A, both kr CJ Entus Blaze and kr SK Telecom T1 2 finished their group stage with the score of 7 wins and 3 losses. SK Telecom T1 2 finished first because they had better head-to-head won-lost percentage between those 2 teams.

KDA Leaders

Considering the KDA points and standings, players from kr KT Rolster B completely dominated, taking 4 out of 5 top KDA ratios. kr Choi "inSec" In-seok finishing first as a jungler, kr Ryu "Ryu" Sang-ook as a mid laner, kr Go "Score" Dong-bin as AD carry, and kr Won "MaFa" Sang-yeon as a support. The best KDA ratio from the players playing in top lane had kr Lee "Flame" Ho-Jong from CJ Entus Blaze.

General information about champions

Out of 112 champions that were available to play with (Lissandra still not available), 60 champions were picked. Most banned champion was Twisted Fate, with incredible number of 45 bans. Champion with most wins and which was played the most is Sona, with 36 picks and 18 wins. On the other hand, champion with most losses (19) was Caitlyn.

Most banned
Most picked
Most wins
Most loses

Group stage standings and knockout schedule

First knockout game is scheduled in just three days (2013-05-08), starting with the clash of SK Telecom T1 2 and kr Najin Shield. All games will be played in best-of-5 format.



Group Stage


What are your thoughts about Korean's bans and picks? Who is your favorite among these 8 awesome teams, and who has the highest chance of winning the tournament? Be sure to catch tournament coverage right HERE on in2lol.

Sources: Leaguepedia

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Lunasea wrote at 05.05.2013, 22:47 CEST:
imp is my favorite player, but I don't think MVP can beat KTR-B. In my opnion the final will be KTR-B x CJE Frost and the third place between SK T1 (2) x CJE Blaze.
KTR-B first, Frost second, Blaze third.

edited by Lunasea at 06.05.2013, 00:48 CEST
Dieser_Wombat wrote at 05.05.2013, 23:24 CEST:
ktr b had an amazing start but pretty much didnt care about the games after they already secured 1st or 2nd so i dunno what to expect. maybe judgement day can sneek into the final by defeating ktr b. I feel like blaze and frost are the best teams and its unfortuante that they can not meet in the finals.

thnx for writing the article :)
Dragnir wrote at 06.05.2013, 02:39 CEST:
Mmmmm. Thought that cj blaze and frost were getting but this results prove me wrong. We'll see. Apart from njshield and stk1 team 1 I beleive they all could be relevant challlengers for the finals. And if stk1 wins this I'll definitively abandon trying to understand somewhat somehow the Korean scene.
HershelLayton wrote at 06.05.2013, 06:42 CEST:
KTB should not have intentionally trolled in such a pro-scenes
Obran wrote at 06.05.2013, 11:58 CEST:
Rumours about KT B intentionally losing their last game just to avoid Najin Sword are justified in my opinion. Those silly builds, bad plays and calls on players who stomped everyone until then that even Korean public started flaming than, MVP OZONE although finishing third and Sword fourth is still easier opponent.

Can't wait for the knockout stage to begin, tournament is just starting if you ask me :))

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