Leaguepedia to Host Best Riven NA 1vs1 Tournament!

posted by HanzoK, 3 years ago
With the recent hype surrounding 1vs1s, a discussion was sparked to find out who was the best Riven in North America. Leaguepedia have stepped in to find out once and for all!

After the recent 1vs1 match between fr Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer and dk Mike 'Wickd' Petersen, the League of Legends community has gone a bit crazy for 1vs1s. kr Yoon 'MakNooN' Ha-woon went on to challenge kr Park 'Shy' Sang-myeon to a 1vs1, wagering the top-lane spot in the Korean All-Star team, but later went on to retract this challenge.

Riot also showed their love for 1vs1s

To further show the recent hype about 1vs1s, Riot announced that they have been working on a 1vs1 map for the game, after a video of it was leaked online. This map will debut at the All-Star tournament, where a number of All-Star players from across the world, will not only play full 5vs5 games against each other, but also 1vs1 and 2vs2s. It is not yet decided whether this map will be put into the game properly after the All-Star event.

This Riven tournament first came about after a Reddit post asked who would win in a Riven only 1vs1, between 'Best Riven NA' and us Albert 'BoxBox Zheng. Both of these players are known for playing Riven a good amount in high elo solo queue. People began debating about who would actually win, even people like us Markus 'Dyrus' Hill gave their thoughts on who would win.

A new challenger approaches!

Then a third player decided to join in the battle. us Patrick 'MegaZero' Glinsman who not only plays Riven at high elo, but has also played her in the North American LCS, decided to join the battle, stating that he is confident that he could beat both Best Riven Na and BoxBox.

What's this "Best Riven NA vs Box Box Riven thread?" I'm better than both of them... I'm usually very modest too, but I'm confident in that.
- us 'MegaZero', Top-laner for us Team MRN.

A tournament is announced!

Following all this hype, Leaguepedia stepped in, deciding that just debating who would win wasn't good enough. They announced that they will be hosting a Best Riven NA 1vs1 tournament. The tournament will have a maximum of 32 high-elo or professional players, playing in a double-elimination bracket.

A number of well known players have already confirmed that they will play in the tournament. This includes the original three, BoxBox, Best Riven NA and MegaZero, but it also includes people such as us Jon 'Westrice' Nguyen and us Eugene 'Pobelter' Park. Dyrus also said he would play in the tournament, but has yet to be added to the confirmed players list.

For a prize, the winning player will be awarded the esteemed title of "Best Riven NA". Not only this but there will be a monetary prize for the top three players, but this is yet to be announced in detail. Each player will also pick a charity to play for, with a portion of their winnings been given to said charity.

Not only will this tournament be good fun for the players, and for the viewers, giving them something they've been asking for a lot recently, but it's also for a good cause. Let us know who you think will win, and which charities you think the players should choose in the comments below.

Sources: Leaguepedia, Reddit, MegaZero, Dyrus

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heox wrote at 27.04.2013, 22:40 CEST:
Best riven asia will shit on them.
ShacoOverload wrote at 28.04.2013, 22:36 CEST:
im very excited to see this. i hope imaqtpie is able to join... and hopefully wins. that'd be the biggest upset in LoL.

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HanzoK wrote at 28.04.2013, 23:20 CEST:
ShacoOverload wrote:
im very excited to see this. i hope imaqtpie is able to join... and hopefully wins. that'd be the biggest upset in LoL.

Imaqtpie is officially participating. #Dongsquad #420 #FrankerZ #Brainslug
kamashin wrote at 01.07.2013, 09:59 CEST:

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