LCS Preview & Predictions Week #3

posted by Dieser_Wombat, 3 years ago
This week LCS is full of exciting matches and bet-worthy odds. Make sure to not miss out on this chance! You can also improve your success at our betting section and By reading this article first, you could gather some important information you haven't came across before.

Match overview:

Team AVs.Team B
us Vulcun
us Good Game University
us Team
us Vulcun
us Team Good Game University
us compLexity
us Team Vulcun
us Good Game University

Team AVs.Team B
dk Copenhagen Wolves Fnatic RaidCall
ru Gambit GIANTS Gaming
fr Against All Copenhagen Wolves
eu Evil Fnatic RC
eu GIANTS Gaming
eu Fnatic Against All Authority
eu Copenhagen Wolves
es GIANTS Against All Authority

Match analysis:

us Dignitas vs. us Counter Logic Gaming

Putting aside the rough start for Team Dignitas in week one of LCS, losing to TSM and, they still managed to come back in week two, defeating TSM, GGU and Team MRN. Even though there is no doubt that TSM is one of the stronger teams in NA LCS, the weight of this victory is highly dependent on the strength and consistency one would attribute to TSM. Besides that, Team Dignitas seemed to be much stronger in week two, which might be caused by the overall weaker teams they had to play against. Moreover, Team Dignitas still has issues in finding an appropriate accomodation for their team. It remains unclear how much the players are affected by the current situation, or if there was any impact at all. Counter Logic Gaming does not have any of these issues, since they were one of the first teams moving into a gaming house, long before LCS. Nevertheless, they still have to deal with some issues regarding their roster changes. In week one of LCS they only lost to, which is considered to be the strongest team in the American scene. Moreover, captain of Counter Logic Gaming, HotshotGG, stated that there is and there was absolutely no problem at all with the performance and integration of the new members in their lineup. Beneficial for Counter Logic Gaming might also be the fact that they did not have any matches in week two, which left them with a lot more time to prepare for the match against Team Dignitas.
us Counter Logic Gaming wins

us compLexity vs. us Vulcun

In this match both teams were fighting for their very first win of the season. Whilst compLexity only had to play versus, Vulcun played and lost five games. One of these games was against Good Game University, who was not only forced to play with a substitute, but they also had to switch lanes because of it. In comparison to this, Complexity showed a good performance against in the early stages of the game, but still lost the match in the long run, seemingly way too easily. These sort of turn of eventsm in the middle of the gamem are very common amongst inexperienced and new teams, who have trouble in performing well during teamfights. This disadvantage might be less of a problem against Vulcum though, since Vulcum itself has the same issue and is known for their superior skill at teamfights. Even themselves stated that they are probably the best team in America when it comes down to teamfights. us compLexity wins

us Good Game University vs. us compLexity

The only team that has been playing and winning with a substitute so far and is considered to be the strongest amongst the new teams is Good Game University. Their performances have been considerably stable and despite losing they still did well versus teams such as Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming and Even better was the performance of compLexity when they fought against, but it is questionable if this was a one game wonder or if they are actually capable of performing on this level constantly. Due to the lack of information and games played, there can be said very litte about the actual level of skill of compLexity, which results in many assumptions and very little facts.In general we can say this match was a very close one and its outcome is dependent on whether compLexity can perform on the same or an even higher level then they did against
us compLexity wins

fr Against All Authority vs. dk Copenhagen Wolves

Despite the very convincing performance of Copenhagen Wolves in the LCS qualifiers, they did not manage to repeat it into the actual LCS. Currently, they are considered to be the weakest team in the European scene, losing all of matches to teams such as SK, GIANTS and some stronger teams. In comparison, Against All Authority has only played one game so far and therefore they share the same uncertainty as compLexity. Even their performance is somewhat comparable.
Against All Authority played and lost against Gambit Gaming, despite performing so well. They only lost one dragon fight, with a major error caused by their support, which resulted into an huge advantage and several kills for Gambit Gaming. Without this relevant mistake, the game could have been much more close, at least until the late part of the game.
If Against All Authority can manage to improve their control of the dragon and the baron, as well as their general teamplay. they should have no problem dealing with Copenhagen Wolves. fr Against All Authority wins

eu Dragonborns vs. es GIANTS Gaming

Even though the season has barely started, both teams already managed to cause some upsets. During week one GIANTS Gaming managed to take down Gambit Gaming, whilst Dragonborns were able to defeat the favoured SK Team. This sort of outcome mean that technically everything is possible in this matchup. Surprisingly, the level of play showed by the Dragonborns seems to be higher than the one of GIANTS Gaming. Most likely Dragonborns will have no trouble in defeating GIANTS Gaming due to their superior gameplay and experienced captain. The GIANTS Gaming can now only hope that the Dragonborns might just lose the game by not taking it seriously enough. eu Dragonborns wins

Other predictions:

us Team MRN vs. us Good Game University
us Team MRN vs. us Vulcun risky
eu Evil Geniuses vs. eu Fnatic RC risky
eu Dragonborns vs. dk Copenhagen Wolves
es GIANTS Gaming vs. fr Against All Authority risky

Let's hope for an exciting and successful week three. Tell us about your thoughts and predictions for the upcoming matches in the comments below. If you want to capitalize on your League of Legends knowledge, try to beat the odds at!

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Squall17 wrote at 20.02.2013, 19:48 CET:
"The GIANTS Gaming can now only hope that the Dragonborns might just lose the game by not taking it seriously enough. eu Dragonborns wins"

Come on! who wrote that? I would say 50 %....

edited by Squall17 at 20.02.2013, 20:04 CET
wombat_danGER wrote at 20.02.2013, 20:24 CET:
i wrote that, and if i want to bet on something i watch the game, and Dragonborns won vs. SK because they played well. GIANTS won vs. GG because of GG. Thats why i think Dragonborns will win. Obviously there will be no stomp, but i think ~35min.
GIANTS had many games this season so far, and looked decent in most of their games. The problem here is Dragonborns only played two games, both with a good performance. If one assumes they can perform on the same lvl as they did vs. SK and EG, they will simply beat GIANTS. If you take other assumptions, for example you rate the victory vs. GG higher you might see a close game here.
I personally think the chances of GIANTS are more around 20%.
HpBS wrote at 20.02.2013, 21:06 CET:
In the preview of CPH wolves vs. AAA, it was mentioned that aAa pretty much lost it because of one fight. In CPH wolves vs. GG same thing happend, just much later in the game. No mentions go to Bjergsen, rejoining the team. I personally think it is a 50-50 matchup.
ProcederPL wrote at 20.02.2013, 22:00 CET:
Damn, CW guys must be really upset. I mean, roster changes all the time, TheTess recently got mugged... holy balls they are playing really decent but they simply don't have the luck that is needed!
Bluubb wrote at 20.02.2013, 22:08 CET:
10 different bets wish me luck always more than 4 games in one bet ;)
TMA Deviant wrote at 21.02.2013, 15:34 CET:
My opinion on LCS EU
Copenhagen Wolves 0:1 FnaticRaidCall
Gambit Gaming 1:0 GIANTS Gaming
against All authority 1:0 Copenhagen Wolves
Evil Geniuses 0:1 FnaticRaidCall
DragonBorns 1:0 GIANTS Gaming
FnaticRaidCall 1:0 against All authority
DragonBorns 1:0 Copenhagen Wolves
GIANTS Gaming 1:0 against All authority
MinishMan wrote at 21.02.2013, 19:56 CET:
I think Wolves will beat aAa and EG will beat fnatic.

I think Wolves put on some great displays last week considering they were playing with 1 medium term sub, 1 position change, and last minute Forellenlord sub.
LGDFUN wrote at 22.02.2013, 09:50 CET:
MinishMan wrote:
I think Wolves will beat aAa and EG will beat fnatic.
I think Wolves put on some great displays last week considering they were playing with 1 medium term sub, 1 position change, and last minute Forellenlord sub.

Fnatic> Eg
AJoStyle wrote at 22.02.2013, 18:09 CET:
Remind me to never follow your pronostics XD
Novacaine_One wrote at 23.02.2013, 02:00 CET:
Your first two predictions were wrong, Wombat. While I got them right. :D Let's see how it continues.
Dieser_Wombat wrote at 23.02.2013, 09:52 CET:
continues bad, vulcun srew you :(
Novacaine_One wrote at 23.02.2013, 11:06 CET:
Dieser_Wombat wrote:
continues bad, vulcun srew you :(

Bluubb wrote at 23.02.2013, 13:33 CET:
4 predictions wombat and all of them are wrong :D
Squall17 wrote at 24.02.2013, 20:10 CET:
But it is not his fault, what can he does if DragonBorn dont wanna play serious :)
"Dragonborns might just lose the game by not taking it seriously enough. eu Dragonborns wins"

edited by Squall17 at 24.02.2013, 20:43 CET

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