S3 Qualifier: Fight for the Last Spot!

posted by matt5on, 3 years ago
The Season Three Qualifier has started and two weeks after the North American Qualifier, it's now time for European to step into the ring in Warsaw, Poland.

Tournament Format

The tournament itself consists of four groups, with four teams in each group and each game being a best of one. The top two teams from each group progress to the winner's bracket. All matches there are best of three, with single elimination. The eight teams form pairs, and the winners of those pairs are qualified for the S3 Series. The four losing teams will then clash on Summoner's Rift for the valuable 5th spot.

The Road to the Final Battle

The LCS European Qualifier is the final battle before going into the professional league, after having a myriad of teams competing for the last spots in this qualifying tournament.

The famous eu FnaticRC and eu LoLPro, who have experienced the Season Two Regionals where they also got their invite to the LCS European qualifier, are attending as two of the top teams in this tournament.

There are also teams that qualified through the Dreamhack Qualifier in November, dk Copenhagen Wolves are one of them along with es Giants Gaming, de Team Acer and pl Trudniej Już Nie Będzie also known as Mighty Midgets.

In the ESL Qualifiers eu Monomaniac and pl MeetYourMakers secured their seats for Warsaw. Monomaniac was supposed to attend in the LCS European Qualifier this Friday, but got replaced by eu Team Solo Mebdi.

Those eight remaining spots for LCS European Qualifier, are filled with teams that have placed under the Top 8 in a group of 32 taken from the Ranked 5v5 ladder. Here we can find teams like eu Team ALTERNATE, fr aAa, eu Mousesports and fr Millenium. Because they could qualify through the 5v5 ladder, even smaller eSports organizations and teams could join the race to reach the professional league and the hunt for the Season Three Title.

Only five of these sixteen teams will advance into the Season Three Championship Series along with eu SK Gaming, ru Gambit Gaming and former eu Counter Logic Gaming EU.


Livestream 1

So what are your predictions for this tournament? Let us know in the comment section below! You can also try to beat the odds at our betting section and digibet.com!




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zerkerx wrote at 24.01.2013, 02:36 CET:
fnatic, mym, atn, M, wolves
Bluubb wrote at 24.01.2013, 05:02 CET:
fnatic mym M curse 5th gonna be hard.atn wolves db anexis maybe giants.
turtle man wrote at 24.01.2013, 05:05 CET:
who cares if the other 4 teams make it. It all Fnatic!!! done
TMA Deviant wrote at 24.01.2013, 06:52 CET:
Grp A: Fnatic, Giants
Grp B: Crs.EU, M (I hope DB)
Grp C: Wolves, AAA
Grp D: Mebdi, MYM

Overall: Fnatic, M, Wolves, MYM, Crs.EU
badpad96 wrote at 24.01.2013, 07:09 CET:
I think will be Fnatic, Atn, Curse, Millenium and Wolves or Mym
ProcederPL wrote at 24.01.2013, 11:24 CET:
I will be there to watch it live!
HpBS wrote at 24.01.2013, 11:37 CET:
Mebdi got dq'ed becuase 3 players got banned from competitive play
R4iltracer wrote at 24.01.2013, 11:49 CET:
HpBS wrote:
Mebdi got dq'ed becuase 3 players got banned from competitive play

Not without a proper reason, you know
askoyymcmb wrote at 24.01.2013, 13:58 CET:
Nice Fnatic rulez
Cycho wrote at 24.01.2013, 17:49 CET:
hm strange teams in there some arent existing anymore duh
Botinglez wrote at 25.01.2013, 10:04 CET:
arise wrote at 25.01.2013, 10:12 CET:
OMFG, how hard is grp 2 ... wtf!
Vandalq wrote at 25.01.2013, 11:01 CET:
are they going to play all games today ?

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