EG Rages Over A Not So 'Genius' Leak of Information!

posted by Alicifer, 3 years ago

The well known reporter, us Rod 'Slasher' Breslau, seems to have hit rocky waters, in his career, upon the untimely release of an article that was just not ready to see the light of day.

News leak from Evil Geniuses caused a whirlwind of mixed emotions when Slasher uploaded his newest article, telling the world that the former CLG.EU League of Legends team will sign with Evil Geniuses. A similar media buzz created one of his former articles, stating that the highly achieved StarCraftII player Jaedong would become part of Alex Garfield's SC2 line-up aswell.

Alexander Garfield
Sources aren't able to exactly define where, this leak, might have come from, but the damage that Slasher's article has done, toward Jaedong being picked up by EG, caused a massive strain on EG and its own sponsors. Up to a 300% loss in revenue was recorded within a fictional conversation between Alex Garfield (CEO of Evil Geniuses) and an unnamed Sponsor.

[Link to fictional Conversation, posted on]

What does this mean for EG and how does this now affect ex-CLG.EU's chances of a new sponsorship, after they cut ties with the Counter Logic Game's name?

Sources: Reddit, Twitter, Gamespot, VoD

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Nootje wrote at 16.01.2013, 15:57 CET:
This will not affect the signing from former It was more about the problem of journalism in esports and maybe the need for a NDA.

it wasnt all about too by the way also about EGTL proleague collaboration, LiquidSnute announcement, and the Stephano joining EG

edited by Nootje at 16.01.2013, 16:20 CET
wombat_danGER wrote at 16.01.2013, 16:30 CET:
300% loss of revenue
fictional conversation

made me herp derp.
Dr3klin wrote at 16.01.2013, 20:39 CET:
I don´t think eg has any right to complain about this journalist because he is only doing his job.
EG just should have nobody told about it and keep it secret.
FireCookie wrote at 16.01.2013, 21:17 CET:
Btw everyone think already is going to be EG.
DzejBee wrote at 17.01.2013, 14:15 CET:
I don't know, why they just didnt announce new team, when is clearly obvious, that they already have some.
R4iltracer wrote at 17.01.2013, 14:42 CET:
So much for the "professional secrets"

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