First Four Teams Qualified for LCS are Here!

posted by Gfinder, 3 years ago
Eight remaining teams fought for the five golden spots in the Season 3 Championship Series. As the stakes were extremely high, most games can be summed up with an aggressive play style, many mistakes and tons of nerves.

us Team Fear vs us Meat Playground

In Game 1 Team Fear relied on their late game composition, and therefore didn't push too hard early. They let MP take many global objectives but even losing early couldn't stop them. The decisive fight happened mid game, when Kog'Maw and Karthus proved too strong, and Fear won a 4v4 teamfight, and pushed for Baron. After that, with Kog'Maw being extremely fed and careful, Fear pushed all inhibitors and secured the game. As the momentum was on their side, Fear gained the early lead with a really aggressive team composition and tower-diving plays in Game 2, secured all teamfights in their favour and progressed to the S3 LoL Championship Series.

us Dirt Nap Gaming vs us Good Game University

The first game of this Best-of-3 was really close. Gaining Baron buff would be the key factor deciding who will win the game. DNG let a huge minion wave stack up on their bottom turret in fear of losing Baron while GGU took Baron really fast thanks to a late game Vayne. With the Baron buff on their team, they easily destroyed the bot tower and inhibitor. After a false initiation from DNG, GGU got the first game. Game 2 was slow paced as well. But after DNG took many objectives and noticed GGU's Akali top, they pushed bot, secured an ace on their side and pushed mid lane into victory after buying. In the third game a dominant Cho'Gath jungle, who was literally everywhere thanks to mobility boots, was the key factor for GGU's victory. Objectives such as towers and dragons thanks tho Cho'Gath's mobility gave GGU the gold lead. Better items and catching two members of DNG out of position gave them Baron, and with a Pentakill on Anivia, the spot in the LCS.

us Curse Gaming vs us Azure Gaming

Team Curse invaded Azure Gaming's blue buff early, killed Lulu support, and gave Miss Fortune an early lead over Twitch. Twisted Fate ganks continuously gave more kills to Curse. A full tank build on Katarina was too much for Azure to handle and Curse got the first game rather easily. Game 2 was no different. Curse dominated over Azure and after a double kill for Olaf on Miss Fortune and Karthus at the tier two top tower, Curse got the Baron and pushed mid lane for the victory, bursting into joy for securing their LCS spot.

us The Brunch Gaming vs us MRN

First game was as close as it can be. MRN focused on shutting down Zed but lost bot lane and several objectives. Although Kha'Zix's missplay gave MRN the Baron, they could not secure the victory. With Kha'Zix, Ezreal and Shen being fed and 'Zix getting a pentakill, TBC secured the first game victory over MRN. MRN changed bans drastically and tried to further shut down the top lane from TBC. Nevertheless, Jayce managed to get First Blood in a 2v1 lane. MRN tried to make up for that with a play on botlane, but ended up giving a double kill to Caitlyn. A TBC mistake led into 2-0 exchange in favour of MRN, but a misscommunication from their side led to losing a 3v5 fight in the Baron pit. After that TBC won every fight and after a dragon 5-1 fight on their side it was clear who would win. A deserved victory secured them a spot in the S3 Championship Series.

All four matchups were very exciting. Today four teams will fight for the last remaining spot. It is going to be a very challenging day for them but the reward for the winning one is huge. Which team do you think deserves the 5th spot and a possible career in the League of Legends eSports scene? Can you predict who will get the last spot available? Try to beat the odds on!

Livestream 1

Sources: digibet eSports, digibet Facebook, Riot's Official Website

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wombat_danGER wrote at 13.01.2013, 16:21 CET:
and in2lol was down.

i didnt even know where to look which streams are up and which games are next.
I had to search the webz and browse reddit!

How can you do this to me :(
Creativezx wrote at 13.01.2013, 20:46 CET:
wombat_danGER wrote:
and in2lol was down.
i didnt even know where to look which streams are up and which games are next.
I had to search the webz and browse reddit!
How can you do this to me :(

so you were on reddit but didn't bother to check the LoL subreddit if there was stream posted? Smart.
wombat_danGER wrote at 13.01.2013, 21:44 CET:
U dont understand, i am complaining because i had to browse lol subreddit for streams, open them in new tab and have to switch tab to see which game is next, instead of having the comfort of watching the games while seeing next matches and results in the same screen.
first world problem
Creativezx wrote at 13.01.2013, 22:06 CET:
I know your feelings :(
wombat_danGER wrote at 14.01.2013, 17:12 CET:
the feels

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