EPIK, ex-Quantic... Eliminated on Day 1!

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Sixteen teams, five spots. The future of many teams and players depend on whether they make it through or not, and they are live in LA to battle it out.

The tournament is organized in four double elimination groups, the two top finishing teams from all groups will then culminate in a final bracket to determine the five teams to join us Team Solo Mid, us Counter Logic Gaming and us Team Dignitas in the first season of LCS. Day 1 featured the groupstages, a total of 20 awesome games.

Group Recaps

Fan favorites falling short to fullfill expectations

Everything kicked off with Group B, favorite teams us Team FeaR and us Good Game University (formerly Team Dynamic) settling it out with heavy fan favorites us EPIK Gamer and underdog us TowerDiveTV. FeaR prove that the recent departure of 'Aphromoo' did not really sat them back, convincingly winning their first match against TDTV. In the meantime GGU had a suprisingly easy time against EPIK, throwing them into the loser bracket at ease.

This has left FeaR and GGU to fight it out for the top finishing position and even though the game was going back and forth early on FeaR eventually won the key fights and emerged victorous. Meanwhile the loser bracket featured the first real surprise of the tournament, with TDTV knocking out EPIK in an incredible tense match which saw the lead change more than a handful of times.

The two remaining teams were to play the last deciding game for the final spot in the round of 8. GGU went into the match as the clear favorite and did not fail to prove that they were worthy of such title. Even though TDTV did not make it through, in the end they certainly had a better showing than most people would've expected. Team FeaR and Good Game Univerity are moving on to the qualifying round, facing the 2nd and 1st place finisher of Group C respectively tomorrow.

Advancing teams of Group B: us Team FeaR, us Good Game University

A chance for underdogs?

Group C was the arguably most balanced group, featuring us Meat Playground, us DirtNap Gaming, us 1TrickPonies and us Falafel Gaming. MPG and DNG were considered favorites, but everything would've been possible in this group. It started of with DNG taking on 1TP, who were, actually, already out of the online qualifier, but ultimately advanced due to their opponent being disqualified. They were holding their own quite well, but in the end DNG turned out to be too hard to take down. No big surprises in the 2nd match either, MPG taking home a rather safe win against underdog FG.

1TP managed to turn the momentum in their 2nd match, sending home FG who seem to have have a lot of work to do concerning team coordination. MPG would join 1TP in the final match of the group, being forced to replace 2 key members and due to Season 3 age restriction the lineup was not good enough to beat DNG yet.

Advancing teams of Group C: us DirtNap Gaming, us Meat Playground

The tournament favorite and 3 underdogs

Next up we saw group A kicking off with heavy tournament favorites us Curse Gaming and 3 more less equally favored teams to try and make the surprise happen; us Pulse Gaming, us compLexity Academy and us The Brunch Club (formerly She Said She Was Level 18).
Curse proved they are the favorites for a reason, convincingly taking out coL.CA in their first match. Meanwhile TBC took out Pulse, showing that their team does not only have some SoloQ allstars, but also a good level of coordination. They were holding off themselves quite well against Crs, but in the end the favorites took home the game anyway, making it to the playoff matches to face the 2nd placed team of Group D.
Pulse earned themselves the right to avenge themselves, taking down coL.CA for a 2nd chance to beat TBC. But once again they did not manage to do so, leaving TBC to follow Curse to the playoffs, which was rather surprising.

Advancing teams of Group A: us Curse Gaming, us The Brunch Club

The next fan favorite and a huge upset

Closing out a day of amazing competition was Group D that included us Azure Gaming, us Cloud9 (formerly Orbit / Quantic / NomNom), us Team MRN and ranked qualificant us The Salad Bar.
AZG, having to play with a sub AD and being low on tournament experience as a team, still managed to fulfill people's high expectations, taking down TSB in their first game. On the 2nd staged MRN tried to not share the fate of the 2nd fan favorite from the ranked online qualifier (EPIK, going home 0-2), and surprisingly managed to do so by beating heavy favorites Cloud9 for a big surprise.
Following this unexpected win, MRN managed to pull it off once again, coming back from a 6k difference sixteen minutes in, and turning the tides of the game with some amazing teamfights. This sent AZG down to the losers bracket to face Cloud9, who expectedly had an easy time knocking out TSB.
The final game of the day was a go-big-or-go-home match featuring AZG and Cloud9, even though both were expected to make it through before. AZG took the lead early on, but Cloud9 fought their way back in, making the gold count almost equalize. However AZG kept cool nerves and closed out the game by winning some crucial fights, sending home Cloud9 for the first and only huge upset of the day.

Advancing teams of Group D: us Team MRN, us Azure Gaming

Random interesting facts of the day

Team MRN was the only team qualified through the ranked qualifier to make it to the 2nd day, with Cloud9 being the only team qualified through partner events to get knocked out in a huge upset. Every group saw the winners of the first games advancing, meaning that no team was able to come back with 2 wins after losing their first game.

Matches of Day 2 (Full Schedule and Brackets can be found here.)

us Team FeaR - us Meat Playground
us DirtNap Gaming - us Good Game University
us Curse Gaming - us Azure Gaming
us Team MRN - us The Brunch Club

We are looking forward to day 2 to be as awesome as day 1, competition starts again at 8pm CET. There will be four Best-of-3 sets, giving out the first four spots for LCS. Who will make it through and become pro? Can you predict the winner of the upcoming matches? Try to beat the odds on digibet.com!

Livestream 1

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