IEM Season VII - Cologne Coverage

posted by ChickenWrap, 3 years ago
ESL is hosting another tournament: the continuation of the classic League of Legends IEM! It will take place in the ESL's own TV studio in Cologne, Germany! The teams will be competing for a $50,000 prize pool.

The Event

This will be the third event to take place in the ESL VII season. Eight previously qualified teams will compete for the main prize of $ 15,500. This is an important phase of the IEM VII season, because the top two teams will go to the IEM World Championships. The games will start on the 14th December and span two days, until the 16th. The event will be hosted by ch Salome 'Soe' Gschwind-Penski. It will be cast in English by: uk Joe 'JoeMiller' Miller, us Jason 'ButButButILY' Kaplan, es Alvar 'Araneae' Martin, uk Leigh 'Deman' Smith and de Daniel 'Zenon' Klein. It will also be cast in German, by: de Alexander 'carni' Holtz Shedden and de Martin 'unso' Szarnas. If you've been following the ESL tournament so far, make sure not to miss the culmination of it all. It's guaranteed to please.

Prize Pool


$ 15,500
$ 8,500
$ 4,500
$ 3,000
$ 2,500

The 8 participating teams are

fr Milleniumeu Team ALTERNATE
eu FnaticRCkr CJ Entus
kr SK Telecom T1pl MeetYourMakers
de ex-mousesportseu CLG

Are you excited for this event? What are your predictions? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



Sources: IEM Cologne, Leaguepedia

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wombat_danGER wrote at 14.12.2012, 03:44 CET:,
meme everywhere
shineon wrote at 14.12.2012, 09:22 CET:
no M5 no fun
sb2 wrote at 14.12.2012, 10:56 CET:
this is gonna be fun!
RaizeN1337 wrote at 14.12.2012, 12:25 CET: gog ogoo! :D
Seaside wrote at 14.12.2012, 14:19 CET:
Tickets are so cheap and I was planning to go there but I forgot .. now i'm busy and can't go, fml :(
dYnAm1c wrote at 14.12.2012, 15:52 CET:
Fnatic vs CLG in final, you heard it here first!
PrePer wrote at 14.12.2012, 16:10 CET:
I hope fnatic will keep dominating in this tournament. It would be awesome if we could bet on a winner for the tournament on in2lol, not only for the matches!

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