Sexism in League of Legends

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With the sneak peek of Nami hitting the General Discussion forums on Riot's website, an old discussion has showed its face once again: the Sexist League of Legends.

Nami is one of the Merfolk and therefore half human and half fish. It is interesting to see how the Riot artists have turned this fishy woman into a sexy warrior: by peeling off her fish skin to reveal an impressive human cleavage.

After the recent full-breasted releases of Elise, Syndra, Diana and Zyra, some Summoners have spoken up and argued they want less voluptuous specimens of the female persuasion to join the Fields of Justice. Some even get carried away a little and accuse Riot of sexism.

No one can deny that most female characters in League were rewarded handsomely by the bosom department and the portrayal of women is indeed a little one-sided. However that isn't what sexism is exactly. Sexism is a prejudice towards a sex as a whole or denying women the chance in a certain position. Saying girls can't do Physics and therefore aren't allowed in the classroom would be sexist, for example. This doesn't seem to be the case in League of Legends though: female characters can be played in every role in the game, so there isn't a prejudice towards what women can and can't do.

If we look at the role of support we see an overwhelming majority of women being forced into that position and this can be argued to be sexist. "The women should assist." Interestingly enough, the jungler is also an assist position and, barring Shyvana, there doesn't seem to be any real viable female jungler present. However, the game winners are often said to be the AP and AD Carries and there's tons of women in those positions. There are a few few bad-ass ladies kicking ass in toplane as well - though they are by far in the minority.

Even though the portrayal of women is one-sided, we also have to keep in mind that playing video-games is a form of escapism. Just as in other entertainment media: sex sells. How many "ugly" actresses earn good wages in Hollywood? I am not saying we should close our eyes because in other industries they have their eyes shut tight, but it is something that needs to be taken into consideration.

Now The Evil Morello has hinted at the final champion to enter the League this year on the forums. While discussing strong female characters he replied,

You will be very pleased with our final release of the year.

And added later to clarify,

I mean badass female, specifically.

We'll just have to wait and see how big the bosom of this new champion will be. Perhaps Riot has stept away from the stereotype game babe already or maybe it'll be boys being hypnotized by the bouncing mounts of female flesh once again...

Sources: Nami Sneak Peek, Morello on the Forums

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wqqqqwrt wrote at 25.11.2012, 13:45 CET:
all merfolk are sluts this is nothing new
Abreva wrote at 25.11.2012, 13:56 CET:
heeeeey sexy lady
Apocalypticz wrote at 25.11.2012, 14:10 CET:
you know what? Who cares? This is not a scandal or something, the game is still the same and awesome!
Samaeel wrote at 25.11.2012, 14:17 CET:
"Summoners have spoken up and argued they want less voluptuous specimens of the female persuasion to join the Fields of Justice"

I guess those summoners are either women that don't know what cleavage is.. But seriously though,in all those movies and TV-series we all watch, do you see any ugly women OR men ?
lpman wrote at 25.11.2012, 14:23 CET:
wqqqqwrt wrote at 25.11.2012, 14:32 CET:
i say give the next chick big milkbags like the rest
cholma wrote at 25.11.2012, 14:33 CET:
sex sells, and it always will.
and the majority of lol, is male gamers between 15-19 (if i remember correctly), where those kind of images sells better than their counterpart, (again if i remember the numbers correctly)

That being said, we could use some non-stereotype female champs. Diversity makes a better game both skill, as well as graphic-wise.
Mclvor wrote at 25.11.2012, 15:08 CET:
like anybody would care...
qwertyuiop01 wrote at 25.11.2012, 16:18 CET:
I was askd by mods from the streamer Gurugurumo
to request this action:
This streamer is from Taiwan not the mainland china
And those in the china don't stream in
Get the FLAG right if you see my comment.
TY for your understanding
stektgrus wrote at 25.11.2012, 17:00 CET:
I do not get it, who cares if she showes her boobs or not? it's a freaking game...
TMA Deviant wrote at 25.11.2012, 17:47 CET:
sexist game!
90% of the man have 6packs for women and gays!!!
stop that!

and not every girl has boobs
see lulu lux
Deuscrop wrote at 25.11.2012, 17:53 CET:
Deuscrop wrote at 25.11.2012, 18:17 CET:
OMG bro above is right ... Thats a sacrilege
wombat_danGER wrote at 26.11.2012, 18:04 CET:
jea, better make em boobs smaller, female league champs wear way to little armor.
*opens tab*
Sabre13 wrote at 27.11.2012, 17:58 CET:
This topic is so annoying...
Some people out there dont seem to look at nothing else except the boobs of new female champs, disregarding all other elements which make up a certain champ, which is really sad.

@Deuscrop apparently Lux boobs are also considered too big, if you follow the forums. Not that i agree.. =.=

Also personally some of the champs only seem to have big boobs, because of the wonder-bra design of the clothing... I mean just imagine them with different cloths...
AgentWashington wrote at 28.11.2012, 14:29 CET:
Dem Tittes, Perfectly cool. My girlfriend is an feminest and she plays Irelia with no problem
MissyYakimo wrote at 29.12.2012, 19:15 CET:
I'm a girl and I am not disturbed by "Sexy Female Champs". It's all fantasy, they are beautiful, sexy and flirtatious made.. And then we also have the bad ass champion Vi <3

You know what should be an issue? Color, because apparently riot doesn't make any "black" champions.

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