Preseason Item Changes

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With all of the upcoming changes to Season 3, let's take a quick look at what's in store for the changes to itemization and how we can expect these changes to impact the Fields of Justice.

New Items

Banner of Command

Riot is going to remove Promote as a summoner spell and putting it as an active for the new item Banner of Command. The Banner also brings some helpful auras, providing extra health regeneration to nearby allies and extra damage to nearby minions. The active allows you to Promote a nearby siege minion to a super minion. It gives you all the gold from all the minions that it kills as well. The active has a 120 second cooldown, which is less than Promote which had a 180 seconds cooldown.

Blade of the Ruined King

This item first debuted on Twisted Treeline and is making its way onto Summoner’s Rift. With the removal of Madred's Bloodrazor, summoners lacked an item which countered champions with a high amount of health. You now need look no further because Blade of the Ruined King is the perfect replacement! Not only does it provide sustain, it also comes with a handy active: draining your opponent’s health and movement speed for a small duration. In other words, large, bulky bruisers and tanks can now be simultaneously kited and mercilessly slain!

Frozen Fist

The Frozen Fist will be the upgrade for Sheen. This item will come with some defensive stats since it requires a Glacial Shroud to build. After using an ability, your next attack deals 125% of your base attack damage to surrounding enemies. The attack will leave an icy field that reduces enemy movement speed.

Hunter's Machete

With the upcoming jungle changes, a lot of the current champions will become more viable. But to prevent every AD to rush Wriggle's Lantern, Riot has implemented a new item designed specially for jungling. Meet the Hunter's Machete. This item can be seen as a Doran's for junglers, but instead of 475g it will only cost you 300g. A more than decent price for a starting item as it allows you to buy health potions too. The Hunter's Machete increases your damage dealt to jungle monsters by a percentage and also adds bonus true damage to your basic attacks against jungle monsters.

Kage's Last Breath

Kage's Last Breath is going to be a supportive peel and initiation item that will be an upgrade for Kage's Lucky Pick. It will keep the G/10 passive and comes with a cool active. The active allows you to target an ally giving it a 30% slow aura for three seconds. The cooldown is 60 seconds.

Liandry's Lament

Liandry's Lament is the version of Blackfire Torch for Summoner's Rift. It is an item for AP carries that builds out of a Haunting Guise and an Amplifying Tome. Dealing spell damage will apply a DOT that burns enemies for a percentage of their current health over three seconds. This effect deals double damage if the target's movement is impaired.

Mercurial Scimitar

The Mercurial Scimitar is going to be an high end magic resistance and attack damage item. The item requires a Quicksilver Sash and a B.F. Sword to build. The active allows you to cleanse all the debuffs on your champion. Additionally, it grants a 100% movement speed buff for one second if your champion is melee.

Mikael's Crucible

It's horrible to see your allies get caught by an enemy stun while you're unable to do anything for them. Not to worry anymore: with the introduction of Mikael's Crucible you can make the difference. This high tier support item comes with an amazing active that most supports never even dreamt of. By using the active, it will remove any CC from an ally and healing them for a percentage of their missing health. Mikael's Crucible can be made with the Chalice of Harmony and a Sapphire Crystal.


The Muramana is a new item that can be obtained by having your Manamune reach the maximum amount of stacks. The Muramana can be toggled on and off, to deal a percentage of your current mana in magic damage on your basic attacks and spells.


Ever wanted to turret-dive, but not sure if you'd survive it? With the Ohmwrecker you won't have to be afraid of turrets any longer. This siege item can be build with a Catalyst and a Chain vest and using its active disables the most nearby enemy tower for 2.5 seconds, preventing them from attacking!

Ravenous Hydra

The Ravenous Hydra will be the life steal upgrade for Tiamat. While it doesn't increase any of the damage output of Tiamat, it will have a higher range on the splash damage (which decays the further out of the radius an enemy is), and it does increase your sustain quite considerably. Equipped with the Ravenous Hydra, the melee AD Carries will have no fear charging headlong into the enemy front lines and laying waste to multiple enemies at once. This item looks like a huge step for some of our old favorites, such as Master Yi and Tryndamere, but also for several AD Casters (Renekton, Gangplank and Riven spring to mind).

Runaan's Hurricane

Runaan's Hurricane will be the ranged item for wave clearing and teamfighting AOE Presence. This item triggers each time you attack, firing minor bolts at two nearby targets, each dealing (50% of your total Attack Damage). The best part of this is that the item will also trigger on-hit effects to each enemy hit. Ashe slowing three enemies at once? Yes please! Now your AD carry is ready to take down multiple enemies. All at the same time!

Seraph's Embrace

Riot has finally introduced an item which cannot be obtained by simply earning gold. To obtain this item, you must work for it! How? By using your abilities. Your Archangel's Staff will automatically transform into Seraph's Embrace when it has reached the maximum amount of stacks. What to do with all of that mana, you might ask. Luckily for you, Summoner, Seraph's Embrace comes with a very unique and interesting active. The active drains 25% of your current mana to form a shield around yourself. This shield will absorb damage equal to the amount of mana spent for 2.5 seconds.


Riot has finally created a "pocket ward" which the community (especially you, Support Mains!) has been craving! For a small amount of gold (650g), you can buy the Sightstone. It is an item which comes with four charges that refill every time you stop by the shop. You can place up to two wards from the Sightstone simultaneously and building this item will create new paths for a support player. It will allow them to focus on building other important items with the scarce amount of gold they are earning.

Statikk Shiv

A part of the Ionic Spark will live on in this new item. The Statikk Shiv is a high speed burst item, that can be made with a Zeal and a Avarice Blade. By moving or attacking, the Statikk Shiv builds up stacks. At 100 stacks, your next attack will unleashes it's power to deal 100 magic damage up to 4 targets. The best part is, that this effect actually benefits from critical strikes!

Sword of the Divine

With the removal of dodge, Riot felt that this item had no value anymore. But no worries, the Sword of the Divine has been remade and is making it's return to Summoners Rift! Like before, this item is made for rapid burst and speed. Once activated you gain 100% attack speed and 100% critical strike for 4 seconds or 3 critical strikes. The cooldown is 25 seconds, but can be halved by making kills or assists!

Wraith Collar

Riot is introducing the first item that allows you to summon your own minions! The Wraith Collar is a supportive scouting item that is made out of a Kage's Lucky pick and a Null Magic Mantle. With its active, you are able to summon two wraiths that stay for six seconds to seek the nearest enemy champions. If they reach an enemy champion, they will slow and reveal the target for 2.5 seconds.


With the removal of some of the Tenacity items, Riot had to come up with some alternatives. The Zephyr is an item that is all about speed and can be build with a Stinged and a Long Sword. The item grants attack, speed, movement speed, cooldown reduction and Tenacity.

Remade Items

Aegis of the Legion

Aegis of the Legion is currently bought by most supports and junglers. But that will change in the upcoming item changes. Aegis of the Legion is going to lose the attack damage, but will gain health regeneration instead. A Ruby Crystal that was required to make this item, will be replaced by an Emblem of Valor. With the loss of the attack damage, it has become less attractive for the typical bruiser champions that currently dominate the jungle.

Archangel's Staff

Archangel's Staff is getting some numbers tweaked. The mana and mana regen will be reduced, and the ability power has been increased. But the most interesting change is that the Archangel's Staff will transform into the new item Seraph's Embrance when it reaches its maximum stacks of bonus mana as mentioned above.

Archangel's Staff Changes

Black Cleaver

The Black Cleaver will be undergoing a couple of changes. The build path for this item will change and it will receive a new passive. Whenever your champion deals physical damage, it will automatically reduces a percentage of the target's armor.

Deathfire's Grasp

Deathfire's Grasp has recently been nerfed. In the upcoming item changes, the item will be remade. Deathfire's Grasp will now build out of a Needlessly Large Rod and an Amplifying Tome. It grants a large amount of AP and CDR and the active will be dealing 15% of the target's maximum health, and amplifies magic damage done to the target by 20% for four seconds.

Eleisa's Miracle

Eleisa's Miracle won't be removed as an item. Instead, Riot has removed the Tenacity and has replaced it with a brand new passive. Eleisa's Miracle will lower the cooldown of the summoner spells: Heal, Clairvoyance and Revive by 20%. After gaining three levels with the item, it will give you the passive and the stats permanently. The item will then disappear from your inventory.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Guinsoo's Rageblade will be slightly reworked. It will now provide a huge boost to your attack speed, spell vamp and life steal whenever you are low on health. This will make it a tactical choice, giving champions that can afford to be on low health a boost.

Hextech Gunblade

Our favorite item for hybrid champions is going to slightly favor champions with AP in the upcoming item changes. The Hextech Gunblade's active will have its base damage reduced, but will have an AP ratio now. Additionally, single target attacks and spells versus champions will reduce the cooldown of the active by three seconds.

Lich Bane

Lich Bane is going to get some tweaks. It will no longer grant magic resistance and the passive is going to change. Lich Bane is now dealing magic damage equal to a certain base damage plus a percentage of your AP ratio, rather than your current AP.

Locket of the Iron Solari

The Locket of the Iron Solari is getting slightly better. It will gain some CDR and a lot more health at roughly the same cost. Also the Heart of Gold and Emblem of Valor are no longer required to build this item.

Randuin's Omen

Randuin's Omen will receive a couple of changes. The passive will no longer have a random chance to proc, but the effects have been reduced. The base duration on the active is increased from one to two seconds.

Spirit Visage

Spirit Visage is also getting a buff. It will now build out of a Negatron Cloak instead of Null Magic Mantle so its magic resistance is going up. But that's not all: the passive is getting a buff as well. This was done to compensate the removal of Force of Nature.

Tear of the Goddess

The Tear of the Goddess is getting a couple of changes. The most important one is the change on its passive. The Tear of the Goddess used to trigger on spellcasts, now it triggers when you spend mana. Champions who have a toggle abillity like Anivia and Karthus will now have additional ways to trigger it while champions like Singed and Ashe have a new item available for them that might be worth buying. However the mana and bonus cap has been reduced.

Tear of the Goddess Changes


The unpopular item Tiamat is finally getting some love during the item overhaul. With the removal of Ionic Spark, the Tiamat is going to be the one and only item made for wave clearing. Tiamat's passive will receive a buff and there will become an upgrade available! However, the new Tiamat is only going to work on melee champions. That means that it won't be viable for champions like Kayle or Jayce when they switch over to their ranged form.

Tiamat Changes

Warden's Mail

Warden's Mail will be getting a huge remake. It will now build out of two Cloth Armors and is going to build into a Frozen Heart. The passive is only going to reduce the attack speed but will no longer have a random chance to proc. The health regeneration has also been removed.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

The unpopular item Youmuu's Ghostblade will receive a buff in favor of melee champions in the upcoming item changes. The active stays the same but its duration will be six seconds for melee, and four seconds for ranged. Additionally, the cooldown has been reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.

Removed Items

Cloak and Dagger and Moonflair Spellblade

Even though the alternative Tenacity items have been implemented in May 2011, they were still hardly being used. People preferred the Mercury Threads instead because they did not want to waste an item slot on a item that provided mediocre stats. The Cloak and Dagger and Moonflair Spellblade couldn't compete with that and were therefore removed.

Elixir of Agility

The Elixir of Agility was mostly bought by AD carries who reached their end game items and had nothing left to spend their gold on. It basically made the winning hyper-carry even more powerful than the opposing team's who was typically further behind. Providing attack speed and critical strike, this item was just overkill against the losing team and therefore it is being removed.

Force of Nature

The current state of Force of Nature has been a bit confusing. With the high magic resistance it's surely an item for tanks. But what about the movement speed and health regen? With the odd stat combination it wasn't always worth buying. However, decreasing the magic resistance value wouldn't have fixed the problem. The only option left was to remove the item! Force of Nature is now combined into the new Spirit Visage.

Heart of Gold

Gold over Time items are designed to trade off the early game power for a source of reliable gold income which helps you further on in the game. However, the Heart of Gold was helping the player stay safe with the huge amount of health that it provided as well as the gold income and that for a really low cost. A problem that could not be easily solved by nerfing and thus the item had to be removed. The other three Gold over Time items will stay and will receive more flexible build paths.

Ionic Spark

Losing to Tiamat when wave clearing and to Wit's End when applying on-hit damage, the Ionic Spark has been in a difficult spot. The item is not very popular with a lot of champions and is not the best choice for the niche which it was designed for. So Riot has decided to remove this item and upgrade the two alternatives.


The Leviathan has always been a problematic snowball item. It was said to be a high risk, high reward item. But the reward was a total of 820 health at maximum stacks. No one wanted to have such an unreliable item in their inventory, so it's being removed. The alternative will be the Warmog's Armor that provides quite a huge amount of health.

Madred's Bloodrazor

Madred's Bloodrazor is an item that was typically built for countering high health targets. As the common buildpath with most tanks being focused around armor and magic resistance instead of health, and the other lanes not reaching the amount of health required for this item to be useful, the Madred's Bloodrazor became an useless item considering its high gold cost. The item has now been replaced with the much more qualified counter-part: The Blade of the Ruined King.

Meki Pendant and Rejuvenation Bead

The reason why these two items still exist is because they are in the build path of another bigger item. This will change now. Everything that builds out of Meki Pendant and Rejuvenation Bead has been changed to build out of Faerie Charm and Regrowth Pendant.

Make sure to head over to the official Riot post for the full list of item changes!

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RaizeN1337 wrote at 18.11.2012, 12:53 CET:
I am very happy about this itemization! It's cool to have something new, but it's too hard
BBFirefly wrote at 18.11.2012, 13:34 CET:
You should really read things through before you copy and paste. Make sure they make sense and the information is accurate like.
Creativezx wrote at 18.11.2012, 15:57 CET:
the new DFG sounds really op :S
kocja wrote at 18.11.2012, 17:12 CET:
Creativezx wrote:
the new DFG sounds really op :S

Imagine Dfg+vlad ult.
Creativezx wrote at 18.11.2012, 18:44 CET:
kocja wrote:
Creativezx wrote:
the new DFG sounds really op :S

Imagine Dfg+vlad ult.

veigar would actually one shot anyone :/
Gilgamesh1899 wrote at 18.11.2012, 18:46 CET:
Some items, are retrded. They will be made to instantly neft it. Totaly braindead items. Turnng off turrets? 100% atack speed bonus? gl with that.
6y6J1uK wrote at 19.11.2012, 17:54 CET:
i dont wanna play anymore, but who cares :D retarded changes...
Abreva wrote at 21.11.2012, 13:15 CET:
Actually really excited about these new items. it's gonna be like a whole rework of the game as we know currently. Only cons about it is, that now I have to spend time learning the new meta and the new items, but overall im sure it will be a fun time.
Colthy wrote at 21.11.2012, 13:22 CET:
Considering most, or atleast some of the ideas for these items are taken from DotA, i wouldnt realy call this change an innovative one. They will fundamentally change the game nontheless. The meta will probably change, revolving around the new items. There probably wont be a DFG/Abyssal staff rush anymore. Some of these items look too good to be true, although others are kind of disappointing. A step in the correct direction.
Syssx wrote at 21.11.2012, 13:53 CET:
Colthy wrote:
Considering most, or atleast some of the ideas for these items are taken from DotA, i wouldnt realy call this change an innovative one. They will fundamentally change the game nontheless. The meta will probably change, revolving around the new items. There probably wont be a DFG/Abyssal staff rush anymore. Some of these items look too good to be true, although others are kind of disappointing. A step in the correct direction.

I am just waiting to this, because i want to see how top teams will adapt . Also i think that on tournaments there will be still one of the oldest patches .

Also can u imagine Irelia with this items? opop

edited by Syssx at 21.11.2012, 13:57 CET
Hekko wrote at 21.11.2012, 14:04 CET:
Im happy to have something new, this could change the actual metagame. So let's see , and i cant wait really !
LamePhoenix wrote at 21.11.2012, 14:20 CET:
It's nice to change items, but I hope that is not going to destabilize the game because even if the shop was not very fickle, it was balanced enough.
Chillisauce91 wrote at 21.11.2012, 17:02 CET:
I´m going to miss the Heart of Gold =( but luckily i will keep my golden Heart

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