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Thursday is here and as promised, you are being delivered our first in2LOL Team preview. Today you will get to know SK and CLG.Prime.

First we are looking at the European team from Group A. They belong to the well known organization eu SK Gaming.

Line Up

es Carlos 'Ocelote' Santiago - AP Carry
de Kevin 'Kev1n' Rubiszewski - Solo Top
de Patrick 'Nyph' Funke - Support
fr Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim - AD Carry
es Alvar 'Araneae' Martin - Jungle

Team Breakdown

The international multi-gaming organization SK Gaming entered the League of Legends scene in September 2010. Since then there have been numerous roster changes. They started the Season 2 circuit with only es 'Ocelote' and de 'Nyph' out of their current roster. Some nice results were booked, most notably a 2nd place at IEM New York 2011, where they only lost to their rivals eu Fnatic, and a 3rd place at IEM Guangzhou 2011. After some minor internal conflicts their top laner dk 'Wickd' left the team, shortly followed by their jungler gb 'Snoopeh'. The team was undergoing major lineup changes, with de 'Kev1n' and other players joining the team, but they couldn't return to their old form as they finished in 5 - 6th place at IEM VI - World Championship in Hannover. This summer another core member AD carry de'Candy Panda' left the team and only one week before ECC Poland did they arrive at their finalised lineup. Season 1 veteran fr 'YellOwStaR' was picked up for the AD carry role and es 'Araneae' rejoined the team as jungler after his departure in early 2011. The team showed a really nice performance by taking home the 3rd place at ECC Poland. Shortly after the European Regionals at Gamescom happened and eu SK was the #3 seed coming into the tournament. Advancing to the semifinals was expected, but they shocked the audiance from all around the world with a dominant 2-0 win against eu That win secured them a spot at the Season 2 Championship. As the team is still very young their playstyle has yet to be defined completely, but we can expect early game jungle invasions and strong mid-game plays.

Player Spotlight

SK Kev1n
League of Legends is a team game, but still there are individuals who can set the overall direction the game will take. In eu SK a player to watch is ex. de Gamede!de de Kevin 'Kev1n' Rubiszewski. Since joining the team in January, he has proven that he can play top lane, mid lane and AD carry at a competitive level. Now he is settled as top and is becoming one of the most feared top laners. He showed us his offline skills with "tower dancing" Irelia, great execution of a 1v2 lane with the forgotten champion Gankplank and his scary Yorick. He has a wide champion pool available, but we can expect him to play Malphite, Yorick, Irelia, and Jayce.


AP Carry
The team captain es Carlos 'Ocelote' Santiago probably needs no introduction. He has been a part of team longer than everyone else and his lan experience helps SK a lot to do well at important tournaments. He was known for his exceptional Cassiopeia , but lately he plays a lot of Oriana, Diana, Ahri.

Another long time SK member is de Patrick 'Nyph' Funke. Back in the days, he was known for the German dream botlane together with Candy Panda's Nyph, but he still remains a core member of the team even after de Candy Panda's departure. His favourite champions are Janna, Sona and Soraka, but due to metagame changes, we can expect a lot of Taric and Leona.

es Alvar 'Araneae' Martin was previously a member of eu Na'Vi and is now playing the jungler role for SK. He is known for his agressive counterjungling and strong overall jungle presence. He can play a wide variety of junglers, but his favourites are Maokai, Nunu, Shen, Malphite.

AD Carry
fr Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim is the only player at the Season 2 Championship, who played in the Season 1 Championship Finals for fr AAA. Back in the days, he was known for his famous Ashe arrow, but now plays all currently strong champions, such as Corki, Ezreal, Graves and some forgotten ones such as Ashe and Vayne.


The second team we cover today is the American powerhouse us Counter Logic Gaming Prime. They are in Group A with eu SK, kr Azubu Frost and cn iG.

Line Up

ca Michael 'Bigfatlp' Tang – AP Carry
ca George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis – Jungle
us Steve ' Chauster' Chau – Support
us Peter 'Doublelift' Peng – AD Carry
us Joe 'Voyboy' Esfahani – Solo Top

Team Breakdown

Counter Logic Gaming was founded in April 2010 by us 'HotshotGG'. Since then CLG Pime has been one of the top North American Teams. As with many other teams, CLG Prime went through some roster changes too and only three players from the original roster are still members of the current team. They started Season 2 with a 1st place at IEM Cologne 2011 and a 2nd at IEM Guangzhou 2011. There were many NA tournaments and CLG Prime showed really good performance overall. They have won MLG Raleigh 2011 and achieved many other great results. In late November us 'Doublelift' joined the team as AD carry and us 'Elementz' had to abandon his support role. In autumn CLG Prime saw a great opportunity to train against Asian teams and moved to Korea to participate in OGN Spring Season 2011. Even though they only placed 5 - 8th it was a nice experience for them. Shortly after, major roster changes happened in the NA LoL scene. As a result of it us 'Voyboy' joined them as top laner. us 'Saintvicious' was the one leaving the team this time and ca 'HotshotGG' became the jungler. The lineup was complete now and since then, they posted some good results at offline tournaments. At the NA Regionals they beat us in the 3rd place decider match. That win secured them a spot at the Season 2 Championship.
CLG Prime is a unique team with really interesting strategies. At the Season 2 Championship, we can expect lane swaps, counter jungling, unconventional champions and their unique triple teleport strategy.

Player Spotlight

CLG Doublelift
At the moment us CLG Prime has a big superstar. us Peter 'Doublelift' Peng ex. us Epik Gamer, us Curse is known worldwide for being one of the best AD carries in the game. His strongest aspect are his mechanical skills, where he often gets an edge over his opponents. After watching some of his replays, anyone with some basic LoL knowledge would be stunned and speechless. Sometimes his decision making is questionable, but he makes up for that with great last hitting, lane harrassing, kiting and team fight positioning. He is well known for his Vayne and Caitlyn, but he has no problems with playing 'FOTM' champions such as Ezreal or Graves. At the Season 2 Championship, we can expect him to play Sivir, Graves and Corki, but we still should be ready for some surprise picks.


AP Carry
ca Michael 'Bigfatlp' Tang is one of the founding members of us CLG Prime. He is known for great teamfighting capabilities and often using the summoner spell Teleport for a great map presence as part of us: CLG Prime's strategy. Even though he is regarded as a passive player, when challenged to a duel, he'll always comes with unrivaled 1v1 plays. He excels at playing Ryze, Cassiopeia, Gragas, Ahri and more.

us Steve ' Chauster' Chau is widely recognised as one of the most knowledgeable players in the game. He previously played AD carry for the team, but since 'Elementz's departure, he has taken up the the support role as he was the one with the most experience bot lane regarding the lane match-ups. Beside the usual supports his champion repertoire includes Lulu, Galio and even support Jayce.

ca George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis, previously top laner, is now playing jungle for CLG Prime. As founder of the team he still has to fix some things while jungling, but his experience from being top laner helps him a lot while ganking and lane camping . Since the transition into a different role, he has broadened his champion pool a lot. His speciality are champions like Nautilus, Shen, Alistar and Cho'Gath, who all excell in aiding teammates when needed.

Solo Top
The newest member of the team is ex. us Dignitas player us Joe 'Voyboy' Esfahani. His strongest feature is his aggressive laning, which helps him to put a lot of pressure on the enemy top lane and jungler. He was known for playing a lot of assassins like Akali, Lee Sin and Irelia, but since joining us CLG, he started picking a lot of the new top laners such as Vladimir, Olaf and Jax.

Stay tuned to in2LOL as we will be releasing more team previews in the coming week.
Let us know in the comments below, what do you think of these two teams participating at Season 2 Championship.

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truti wrote at 27.09.2012, 21:46 CEST:
holly jesus will anybody read the entire article?
kocja wrote at 27.09.2012, 21:56 CEST:
truti wrote:
holly jesus will anybody read the entire article?

Someone had to write it. Imagine that=?

and its season 2 finals. it should be detailed for event like that. :)
truti wrote at 27.09.2012, 22:01 CEST:
just kidding, good job as always!
Allumno wrote at 28.09.2012, 00:42 CEST:
Good teams in play. I just hope the game will be fun to watch :)

By the way, someone knows when the raffle results are out?
Creativezx wrote at 28.09.2012, 00:54 CEST:
the clg picture just cracks me up
heuji wrote at 28.09.2012, 10:39 CEST:
Wow Good job on the article. It´s pretty long :O
Read the whole thing anyway :)
Bossman wrote at 28.09.2012, 11:10 CEST:
Just to nitpick, it's "roster", not rooster :)
kocja wrote at 28.09.2012, 14:24 CEST:
Bossman wrote:
Just to nitpick, it's "roster", not rooster :)

thanks. fixed.
DrMupp wrote at 28.09.2012, 14:44 CEST:
Allumno wrote:
Good teams in play. I just hope the game will be fun to watch :)
By the way, someone knows when the raffle results are out?

If you mean the one between TSM, Frost, M5, WE and TPA it has been out for a while. But anyway Frost lost and will play in the groupstage with SK, CLG.Prime and IG
heox wrote at 28.09.2012, 17:43 CEST:
american powerhouse PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF LMAO!
wombat_danGER wrote at 28.09.2012, 17:54 CEST:
'Nyph' Funke
everywere else is only the ingame name.

but anyways
did not know that doublelift is spiderman :O

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