The Siege - 2nd Group Stage

posted by IceH, 3 years ago

The dust has settled and only twelve teams remain after the first round of The Siege. The top three of each group advance into the second and final group stage. Once more they will play it out to determine the top seeds, before they have to face each other eye-to-eye in the double-elimination knock out phase.

Packed with highly accomplished teams, the second group stage is still nothing but an appetizer for the entailing playoffs in which the last eight teams will go to war for the overall prize pool of €10.000.

At the end of this stage, the best team of every group moves on to the upper bracket while the runner-up steps into the lower bracket. The 3rd place finisher is eliminated from the tournament.


Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
ru MoscowFivepl Warsaw Fiveeu Team Curse.eueu FnaticRaidCall
eu mousesportseu Gamehopperseu SK Gamingeu Eloblade
de Tt Dragonses SmartPeople (x6)de ex-LogiXde Team ALTERNATE

An important aspect of the transition to round two is that the teams are allowed to change their line-up in order to adjust to the upcoming challenges. Teams who would have been well advised to rethink their line-up are pl MeetYourMakers, es Peluquerieas Naruterador, eu AbsoluteLegends.Omega and eu Team MegashocK. They didn't shine throughout the first round and will have to watch from the sidelines.

Stay tuned as The Siege continues into the next round. Every detail of it, including further information on the upcoming matches, will be available exclusively on in2LOL. So keep your eyes open and don’t go away!

To build up even more excitement for in2LOL's The Siege tournament, we have decided to raffle off gaming equipment from our sponsors Razer and AOC. The prizes are:

  • AOC-E2795VH monitor
  • Razer Naga Hex mouse
  • Razer Anansi keyboard
  • Razer Scarab mouse pad
To win these prizes name your firstborn Razer or AOC. Or leave an extraordinary comment below this news. Your call.

The raffle ends tomorrow at 18:00 CEST!

(Shipping to European destinations is free, otherwise postal charges and customs may be required)

The Siege Schedule:

23.09.Sun15:00 CESTeu Curse vs. de ex-LogiX
23.09.Sun17:00 CESTeu Curse vs. eu SK
23.09.Sun19:00 CESTru M5vs. eu Mouz
23.09.Sun21:00 CESTpl Warsaw Five vs. eu Gamehoppers
24.09.Mon17:00 CESTru M5vs. de tT
24.09.Mon19:00 CESTeu Elobladevs. de aTn
25.09.Tue19:00 CESTpl Warsaw Five vs. es Smart People
25.09.Tue21:00 CESTeu FnaticRCvs. eu Eloblade
26.09.Wed18:00 CESTeu Mouzvs. de tT
26.09.Wed20:00 CESTeu SKvs. de ex-LogiX
27.09.Thu17:00 CESTeu FnaticRCvs. de aTn
27.09.Thu19:00 CESTeu Gamehoppersvs. es Smart People

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Sylosis91 wrote at 18.09.2012, 18:07 CEST:
Methis wrote at 18.09.2012, 18:10 CEST:
Sylosis91 wrote:

I don't know...
wombat_danGER wrote at 18.09.2012, 18:41 CEST:

but nothing happened
Rafius wrote at 18.09.2012, 18:49 CEST:
Good luck Smart people :D
Geibschi wrote at 18.09.2012, 18:53 CEST:
cool bout Methis shoutcasts a match :P
SKyd3R wrote at 18.09.2012, 19:03 CEST:
I think SmartPeople (x6) is know Giants
PrePer wrote at 18.09.2012, 19:38 CEST:
wow group D seems to be the thoghest(average-whise)
Gaegamel wrote at 18.09.2012, 20:26 CEST:
Geibschi wrote:
cool bout Methis shoutcasts a match :P

I would definitively watch the game. I guess, it won't happen in the near future. :S
Nasenbear11 wrote at 18.09.2012, 22:48 CEST:
SK Gaming ftw :)
NoLee wrote at 18.09.2012, 22:53 CEST:
why Tt Dragons are not in schedule?
dYnAm1c wrote at 18.09.2012, 23:08 CEST:
NoLee wrote:
why Tt Dragons are not in schedule?

The date for their matches is unknown.

Bluubb wrote at 19.09.2012, 01:27 CEST:
Gonna be awesome! :)
MrMuffin wrote at 19.09.2012, 10:54 CEST:
Dammit mouz has hard group :(
wombat_danGER wrote at 19.09.2012, 14:54 CEST:
group b probably the most interesting one, all 3 teams can make it. for every other group i guess things will stay maybe c and d switch between 1st and 2nd.
stektgrus wrote at 19.09.2012, 20:20 CEST:
Easy win for 5M
ihatelgd wrote at 20.09.2012, 10:53 CEST:
stektgrus wrote:
Easy win for 5M

not really, they had a very long vacation
Donathan wrote at 20.09.2012, 18:28 CEST:
Btw there were some reschedules already so we start of with a sick Sunday including 4 matches starting at 15/17/19/21 CEST instead of Thursday :D

Check it out in the match ticker or in the The Siege overview:
kocja wrote at 20.09.2012, 19:12 CEST:
stektgrus wrote:
Easy win for 5M

m5 cant afford to play 100% with Season 2 so close, but still they are level above anyone else, so they wont have much problems.

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