The Siege - Raffle Time

posted by nickDigger, 3 years ago
The first stage of The Siege is over. Twelve teams emerge from the first group phase to set their eyes on the big prize. So far, none of the favorites have faltered and we can prepare ourselves for a star-packed second group stage.

To build up even more excitement and because they are just all-around nice guys our sponsors Razer and AOC decided to churn out several pieces of high end gaming equipment.

To get the most important question right out of the way: What do you need to do to win? Name your firstborn Razer or AOC. Or leave an extraordinary comment below. Your call.

A mere investment of ten seconds of your life (or a lifelong grudge of your offspring) gives you a shot at the following prices:

AOC - E2795VH
No compromises: The e2795Vh is perfect for office and action. This Full HD large-screen monitor with integrated speakers not only looks fantastic.

Razer - Naga Hex
The Razer Naga Hex features 6 large mechanical thumb buttons specially optimized for MOBA and action-RPG user interfaces. Every pro-gamer can map their 6 favored spells, abilities, and items to these buttons for rapid actuation.

Razer - Anansi
The Razer Anansi's fully-programmable keys allow you to further expand your repertoire of boss-killing macros, giving you total control with convenient and instantaneous command executions.

Razer - Scarab
The Razer Scarab features Fractal 2.0, an advanced iteration of the Razer Fractal technology surface first seen on the Razer Destructor. Putting crystalline coating on the peaks of the grained surface to differentiate against the darker troughs, sensors can identify positions significantly faster and more accurate allowing the Razer Scarab to deliver superior tracking.

Extraordinary comments increase your odds of winning. Naming your child puts your chances into overdrive. Good luck to everyone who is entering the raffle!

(Shipping to European destinations is free, otherwise postal charges and customs may be required)

Sources: Razer, AOC

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hudwo wrote at 13.09.2012, 12:51 CEST:
I already named my firstborn after Blizzard. If I am careless enough to get another I might as well name it RazAoc.
NukeDieWalker GER wrote at 13.09.2012, 12:54 CEST:
Never had any Razer gear since a university Student like me normally can't afford them, but I've heard a lot of great things about them! (always wanted Razer Orca :b)

I hope the get the opportunity to be able to rate and appreciate Razer gear myself one day, instead of hearing it from others all the time!

Ps- I'll name my first born child Naga H. xD

Pi2day wrote at 13.09.2012, 13:40 CEST:
My first child will definitely be call Razer DeathAdder - Best mouse I've ever played with and best money spent on PC equipment :)
r00wL wrote at 13.09.2012, 13:59 CEST:
After winning the best thinkable price existing on planet earth I probably would be so bored in my life afterwards (because i have like everything a human being can wish for) that I would look out for new possibilities to win even more exciting prices. As there is no stuff on earth as awesome as the one in the raffle is, I probably would become an astronaut with the mission to find prices that are more exciting than these pure awesomnesses through the whole space. While I am on my journey a super rogue could take control over the whole earth and after my return I can challenge him to a 1v1 League of Legends battle for the freedom of the humanity and will just beat him because my computer is just super-overequipped with that gear!
After this everyone is so thankful that I won the raffle that Razer will become the most common name on planet AOC (after i saved earth i decide to rename it into AOC)

edited by r00wL at 13.09.2012, 14:07 CEST
Geibschi wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:06 CEST:
...oO whats happening here?
Creativezx wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:07 CEST:
Sure, I'll name my firstborn Razer. He would sound like a total badass at kindergarten and would be the coolest kid on the block!
Dexxz wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:09 CEST:
Well i'm ok with naming my dog or cat "razer" or "aoc", but not my child :p
Bloodyadad wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:14 CEST:
If it was a boy I would name him Darius. Just because. If they are twins... Darius and Draven!
But I would totally name my kid Razer too. Sounds like an action hero movie... Razer in... Freedom at 5! *Que music*
NickToonY wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:15 CEST:
I never had a razer gear and rly would like to have one =). I'd rly like to have the Razer Skarab one.
soxekaj wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:16 CEST:
For swag.. i'd name my kid anything :D Already named a pet after a classic european comic artist, could go the extra mile and name my kid Razer (here's to hoping my first born is a boy, razer is not really suitable as a girls name, unless we experience full out nuclear war before i have kids, then it would be totally OK!!!)
KimSky wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:19 CEST:
I'd call it what it is. Names are just decoration of human mind and not needed. You can call them what you want and they call you what they want.
That's a fact.
I know Razer and AOC products call their owners with names sweeter than honey, you should too.
DonnieDrk wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:21 CEST:
I think that i will do everything in order to win ! That's why i am answering ! Win is my desire ! I hate losing and i really dont think it takes more than determination and will . If you are playing a team game then team a very important factor in order to success . Trust your team and always help them because one day they will surely help you . I never had Razer gear till i got my beloved mouse pat Sphenx ! I love razer and the things razer does to help e-sports ! That's what i had to say . Good Luck to everyone ! Greetings from Greece !!
PainyQT wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:23 CEST:
My first Razer product was a Razer Nage back when i played MMORPG's. Now I own a Razer Imperator.
Dimodat wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:24 CEST:
Naming my kid Death Adder sounds more like it would be that of a Jedi lawl. It was my first Razer gaming product, and has continued to live up to its expectations!
RazerBeast wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:24 CEST:
i would probably never name my first born razer or aoc, but i would probably name a dog or a snake razer. i would probably name my first born Jack because that is a really cool name. I love razer, if i had the money for razer blade i would probably buy it. i only got the Razer DeathAdder and it is a terrific/fantastic mouse.
it would be very awesome to win this, all tho there is not a big chance for it but still :-)
tehcure wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:31 CEST:
win or feed
Missionary wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:31 CEST:
This is my time to shine!

Elle19 wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:33 CEST:
Cool Gaming Stuff ;)
rbnz0r wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:33 CEST:
Hey! I had a razer once, was a awesome Razoer diamondback! but it got stolen, i still sit on a 17" screen, 5$ mouse and 10$ keyboard, time to get new gear. see this as a opportunity to get it! Love yaaa razzerrr
Ichigohell wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:34 CEST:
I didnt had any Razer gear or AOC gear yet but if i would get or win one i would name it after a Charakter of my favorite games like Ezreal or Peach or SharkHunter(Yes i name my gear my XboX 360 iscalled Raichu).Actualy i would Name my son Belamy :D If razer gets a series named Belamy it would be fine tho teheheheh :D.Good luck with in2LOL and Razer and AOC keep the good work and make gamers feel the game. :) (Btw i got a dog today and i think i name him Imperator he looks small atm but its a race who gets big after a small amount of time.)Dat post so old.The 6 days old German Shepherd named (Razer) Imprator got a little bigger and it looks awesome with the Razer hat i got.

edited by Ichigohell at 19.09.2012, 17:34 CEST
Methis wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:36 CEST:
Missionary wrote:
This is my time to shine!


Laughed out :D
Socken Sultan wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:37 CEST:
I got since i play online games the Razer ProSolution 1.6 i love this mouse but it looks awfull now :( You cant even read the Razer anymore =( So guys i realy need a new one and if you give me this set i will buy razer for the rest of my life!!! Even it is a mouse for the work or something, I will buy a razer! If I'll buy my child (in the future) a mouse, keyboard or headset whatever it will be razer !!! And every chance i could promote it , i will do! So pls let me win! If i win I will also hug a hole day everyone i see !
evader wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:37 CEST:
My first mouse was some random for $5. But when I heard of Razer, I didn't buy a single non-razer mouse. My first was a Krait. Razer FTW!
F0ki wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:38 CEST:
I would definitely name my first born Razer but AOC seems a bit weird xD
Gl to all the other competitors for the gaming gear :D
elani wrote at 13.09.2012, 15:39 CEST:
Actually i am a steelserie fanboyz, but both my screen are AOC and i'm very very very happy that i have them, in my opinion they are the best screen builder. I have them for ages now and i really think i can use some new screen in here. I m too young to name my offsprings Razer or AOC unfortunately.

Greeting from a non native speakers, i did my best.


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