MLG Summer Arena Preview

posted by Neigh, 3 years ago

Today sees the start of the highly anticipated MLG Summer Arena in New York, where four fantastically skilled teams from around the world will compete for a huge $10,000 prize.

MLG consistantly provides awesome tournements, with fantastic teams, arenas, and, most importantly, fantastic games! This weekend League of Legends will take prime position at the event, given it's huge fan base and competative scene. Only Starcraft 2 is comparable in terms of popularity!

The first of the LoL teams that will be competing are the victors of the Azubu The Champions Spring 2012, a highly popular Korean tourament. kr Azubu Blaze is one of the strongest Korean teams in the scene at the moment, coming first in their group in ongoing Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 tournament, with an untouchable 3-0 score.

This will be their first time competing on foreign soil, so it shall be a good experience for them. Their lack of experience playing against the other teams in the tournement could work out either in their favour or against it, so the Koreans are certainly one to watch this weekend.

kr Azubu Blaze Line-Up:

kr Bok 'Reapered' Han-gyu - Solo Top
kr Kang 'Ambition' Chan-yong - AP Carry
kr Shin 'Helios' Dong-jin - Jungler
kr Kang 'Cpt Jack' Hyung-woo - AD Carry
kr Ham 'Lustboy' Jang-sik - Support

eu Bacon Lovers Are Crazy Kool hail from Scandinavia, Europe, and bring another wild card to the competition. They formed only in May this year, and already have met great success both online and off. They trumped eu Team Curse in the finals of the MLG quallifiers, securing themselves a place at the finals.

Unfortunately, due to issues with Visas, two of their players cannot get to America for the tournament, so this may affect their chances. However, don't rule them out! They're the only team representing Europe in this competition, so a lot of pressure rests on their shoulders!

eu Bacon lovers Are Crazy Kool Line-Up:

se Julien 'Alvik' Adler - Solo Top
se Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson - AD Carry (sub)
se Hans 'Fatmamma' Bjerhem - Support
dk Oskar 'Facerollerx' Skanning - AP Carry
dk Dennis 'Svenskeren' Johnsen - Jungler (sub)

us Team Curse are an exceedingly well known team from North America. This will be one of their first major tournaments with new team captain us Brandon 'Saintvicious' DiMarco, and they're sure to want to make an impression. They trumped many top teams to make it into the finals, and although one of their players cannot make it to New York, he's been replaced with a common substitute for Curse Pobelter, so the teams synergy should be maintained.

us Curse Line-Up:

us Chang 'Nyjacky' Wang - AP Carry
us Eugene 'Pobelter' Park - Solo Top (sub)
us Brandon 'saintvicious' DiMarco - Jungler
us David 'Cop' Roberson - AD Carry
ca Cody 'Elementz' Sigfusson - Support

us Team SoloMid are probably the favourites for the title, but with so many wild cards in the mix, it's going to be a tough road. They haven't had the best time in recent months, losing in the TSM Invitationals, but they still are one of the strongest teams in the world. Having recently won at the GIGABYTE eSports LAN event, and placing first at the MLG Spring Championship, they should be feeling pretty confident about their chances.

us Team SoloMid Line-up:

us Andy 'Reginald' Dinh - AP Carry
us Marcus 'Dyrus' Hill - Solo Top
us Alex 'Xpecial' Chu - Support
ca Shan 'Chaox' Huang - AD Carry
ca Brian 'TheOddOne' Willey - Jungler

One thing is for certain, we're going to see some fast paced action from all the teams this weekend. The shoutcasting will be done by za Tevor 'qu1ksh0t' Henry, alongside uk Leigh 'Deman' Smith and us Dan Dinh.


Sources: Curse Pictures, TSM Photo, Sk coverage, Readmore

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Geibschi wrote at 03.08.2012, 21:06 CEST:
Yay! ....Giggity! :D
DzejBee wrote at 03.08.2012, 22:59 CEST:
TEE ES EM! TEE ES EM!! I hope it will be exciting tournament with a lot of big plays. Since I'm from EU I've bought a looot of coffee :)
Methis wrote at 04.08.2012, 00:04 CEST:
DzejBee wrote:
Since I'm from EU I've bought a looot of coffee :)

daaaw that`s cute :D
DzejBee wrote at 04.08.2012, 00:48 CEST:
Methis wrote:
DzejBee wrote:
Since I'm from EU I've bought a looot of coffee :)

daaaw that`s cute :D

No sleep untill TSM wins :))
dYnAm1c wrote at 04.08.2012, 00:59 CEST:
So you will never sleep again if they lose? :D
DzejBee wrote at 04.08.2012, 01:28 CEST:
dYnAm1c wrote:
So you will never sleep again if they lose? :D

NO :D Hardcore fan to the bone, baby :D

Geibschi wrote at 04.08.2012, 01:40 CEST:
oh still awake too..:x
Gerika wrote at 04.08.2012, 06:10 CEST:
tsm so strange/ Reginald worst gragas i see/ zero oracle for all time/ its best us team ?
NukeDieWalker GER wrote at 04.08.2012, 14:55 CEST:
TSM Hater 4 life <3 :D

DzejBee wrote at 05.08.2012, 01:03 CEST:
Geez, after TSM got literaly stomped by never see them motivated like that, now they are playing just great against Crs. I hope, they will get their revenge against Koreans :)
Geibschi wrote at 06.08.2012, 19:59 CEST:
Still in apin Bee? ;P Azubu was good

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