Dignitas Wins Fifth SoloMid Invitational

posted by Novacaine_One, 3 years ago
us Team Dignitas has shown a convincing performance throughout the whole tournament and eventually picked up the $1,200 for first place. With this result there is still no team who managed to win the SoloMid Invitational more than once.

Everybody was curious as to how Dignitas would perform in their first big online tournament after returning from Korea. The results at the OGN tournament were quite disappointing for Dignitas, so nobody could tell whether they had improved or not. Dignitas has proven themselves once again to be one of the top teams in the NA scene, beating a couple of really strong teams last weekend.

Dignitas had to face four different opponents in the tournament, each of whom has already won one of the TSM Invitationals. Going up against us Team Dynamic they pulled out a straight 2-0 victory and moved on to the next round where they had to face us Orbit. Even though they had some problems in the second games - which they surrendered after 14 minutes because they were 17-4 behind in kills - they ended up winning the thrid game and advancing to the Winner Bracket's Final against us TSM. Scarra pulled out an amazing Zyra against TSM. Picking her three times in a row Dignitas was able to take the second and third match against TSM after dropping the first one. The final match was against us mTw.na which Dignitas was able to decide already in the first set with 2-1 so there was no need for an extended series.

Here is an overview about all the TSM Invitationals so far:

Previous Winners
TSM Invitational #1us Team SoloMid
TSM Invitational #2us Team Dynamic
TSM Invitational #3us mortal Teamwork.na
TSM Invitational #4us Orbit Gaming
TSM Invitational #5us Team Dignitas

Results of the TSM Invitational #5:


Sources: Leaguepedia Page, SoloMid Information

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Orianna wrote at 31.07.2012, 12:09 CEST:
Dignitas are the best anyways! Also... just to mention: Your site has the absolute best brackets and updates. Hands down!

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