Season 3 LCS NA Spring 2013 - Third Place Decider
28.04.2013, 22:00 CEST
2 : 1


128 total bets placed

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stupidfanboy wrote at 28.04.2013, 08:49 CEST:
wouldn't be surprised id Vulcan wins. cuese needs elementz and withour him they arr really slacking
dani369c wrote at 28.04.2013, 11:22 CEST:
Rhux is useless curse lose this
R0mancE wrote at 28.04.2013, 14:06 CEST:
I really wish Vulcun to win this.
Sausagebrownies wrote at 28.04.2013, 22:01 CEST:
I'm rooting for Vulcun only because Bloodwater is from my country. Oh and Crs suck.
MinishMan wrote at 28.04.2013, 22:42 CEST:
What the fuck happened to Vulcun, I switch the steam on and it looks like the all forgot to swap...?
Noctus wrote at 29.04.2013, 00:17 CEST:
lols zuna as shen
Lunasea wrote at 29.04.2013, 00:56 CEST:
Nyjacky is a shame to China. Probabily the worst mid laner on the LCS.
dYnAm1c wrote at 29.04.2013, 01:07 CEST:
Upsets in every game since 2 weeks...
Xcombat wrote at 29.04.2013, 01:10 CEST:
curse changed their support player, the sona ults didnt get better tho :) haha
Resistance2X wrote at 29.04.2013, 01:11 CEST:
Holy shit Rhux is so bad. Curse lost the 3rd game just because of him, he never lands his ult.
SlowpokeHero wrote at 29.04.2013, 01:14 CEST:
CYA NERDS! lol. this was unexpected.
cliff6114 wrote at 29.04.2013, 01:50 CEST:
Both teams are trash.
arise wrote at 29.04.2013, 07:18 CEST:
i dont get it with rhux... he wasnt good back then, why should he be now?
Vinterskugge wrote at 07.05.2013, 13:27 CEST:
cliff6114 wrote:
Both teams are trash.

u are trash. basically.

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