Regional Final Europe - Third Place Decider
19.08.2012, 11:00 CEST
0 : 2


149 total bets placed

Please note: The winner of this match will take the last spot to the Season 2 Championship.

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Heni wrote at 18.08.2012, 18:22 CEST:
Go Fnatic wanna see clg otu of season 2 finals
rayYn wrote at 18.08.2012, 20:27 CEST:
Beyond Limitless wrote at 19.08.2012, 08:18 CEST:
This is really sad, i wish both teams could go to Season 2 Championship in LA.
drrake512 wrote at 19.08.2012, 10:34 CEST:
My 2 favourite teams fighting for that 1 spot :(.
I'm hoping CLG wins it, because i feel they can do a better performance at the championships.
They really played just flat out BAD yesterday.
PacHo21 wrote at 19.08.2012, 10:58 CEST:
Fnatic, and I tel u why, because they have more time as a team than CLG.EU and xPeke will deny Froggen
romain35fr wrote at 19.08.2012, 12:04 CEST:
go CLG !!!!

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