IPL Face Off: San Francisco - Lower-Bracket Preliminary
12.08.2012, 19:00 CEST
2 : 1


114 total bets placed


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DinosaurIRL wrote at 12.08.2012, 11:59 CEST:
Gotta have Crs fight through the loser's bracket to the final in order to make Pluto happy.
NukeDieWalker GER wrote at 12.08.2012, 18:27 CEST:
bye bye Curse ='(
Beyond Limitless wrote at 12.08.2012, 19:50 CEST:
The related link is incorrect, should be:
Novacaine_One wrote at 12.08.2012, 20:23 CEST:
Beyond Limitless wrote:
The related link is incorrect, should be:

Thank you, I fixed it. This game was initially supposed to be streamed on the first stream.
DinosaurIRL wrote at 12.08.2012, 23:01 CEST:
NukeDieWalker GER wrote:
bye bye Curse ='(

That's way too many words for you to eat!

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