in2LOL The Siege - Groupstage
11.08.2012, 17:00 CEST
0 : 2


292 total bets placed

Please note: Default win for es PEINE as pl Acer will not be able to play the previously rescheduled match.

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cianerikOMG wrote at 09.08.2012, 11:24 CEST:
Peluquerias , que el otro dia me pelé alli xDDDD¡¡¡
Vandalq wrote at 09.08.2012, 18:15 CEST:
That will be easy match for acer -.- nothing intresting to watch
truti wrote at 10.08.2012, 17:27 CEST:
DinosaurIRL wrote at 10.08.2012, 17:50 CEST:
TMA Deviant wrote at 11.08.2012, 21:48 CEST:
losing bet because of that shit?
Spankiey wrote at 12.08.2012, 00:57 CEST:
Yeah me too and I lost my bet because of the same reason with the Fnatic vs mouz match...

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