aAa Pro Challenge #1 - Quarter Final
18.07.2012, 21:00 CEST
1 : 2


161 total bets placed

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TMA Deviant wrote at 16.07.2012, 23:40 CEST:
anyone knows the line up of AAA?
Meldan wrote at 17.07.2012, 12:52 CEST:
TMA Deviant wrote:
anyone knows the line up of AAA?

Osgorath, aAa amt2k, Geo geoo, Linak, LeDuck, at least that's how they played a scrim vs mym yesterday.
apozgaming wrote at 17.07.2012, 14:24 CEST:
did Linak move to mid? cause i saw him play mid in 4deman youtube when aAa play on SK Thropy

i hope they have practice together more as it's a whole roster change
coxal wrote at 18.07.2012, 11:18 CEST:
Linak is now playing mid.

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