Locodoco Joins NaJin Shield!

posted by Camouflage23, 3 years ago
Recently kr NaJin Shield announced that they will change their lineup and today they have finally decided on five players who will play under the tag of NaJin Shield!

The only remaining members from the old NaJin Shield lineup are the top laners kr Gu 'Expession' Bon-Taek and kr Jeong 'Wolf' Jae-Wan. Expession will continue to play the top lane while Wolf will stay in the support role. kr Baek 'Yelloout' Young-Jin will be the new mid laner of NaJin Shield. This is the first professional team he will play for so it is interesting to see what is he capable of.

The team's new jungler will be kr ex-MVP Blue jungler kr Jeong 'NoFe' No-Chul. While he was still playing under the tag of MVP Blue, NoFe was not able keep up with the top teams from Korea such as kr CJ Entus Frost or kr NaJin Sword. He managed to finish 9-12th both times MVP Blue participated in The Championship. He will bring experience to the team which the team is in dire need of, as their mid laner is completely new to the professional scene.

Last but certainly not least, the AD Carry role will be occupied by the one and only kr Choi 'Locodoco' Yoon-Sub. He will finally return to the Korean League of Legends pro scene after playing in the support role for us Counter Logic Gaming for a month. During his time in the United States he repeatedly said that he regretted the decision to go to the US and that he should have stayed in Korea. Now he has the chance to show everyone in the world that he is still one of the best AD Carries in the world with us Peter 'Doublelift' Peng being only a second to him. It will be interesting to see whether he is still capable of playing on the top level after being out of the Korean pro scene for quite some time.

Before the lineup is finalized, Locodoco and Yelloout still need to go through a testing phase to prove their skills against the top level competitors.

Possible kr NaJin Shield Lineup:

kr Gu 'Expession' Bon-Taek - Top
kr Jeong 'NoFe' NoChul - Jungle
kr Baek 'Yelloout' Young-Jin - AP Carry
kr Choi 'Locodoco' Yoon-Sub - AD Carry
kr Jeong 'Wolf' Jae-Wan - Support

Will the new NaJin Shield lineup be able to rival the already established Korean teams? Can they achieve noticeable results on a global scale? Share your thoughts below!

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wombat_danGER wrote at 18.02.2013, 13:15 CET:
FireCookie wrote at 18.02.2013, 17:35 CET:
Let's see how it will work :)
ProcederPL wrote at 18.02.2013, 20:35 CET:
I need to see him against doublelift :D
LGDFUN wrote at 20.02.2013, 14:39 CET:
omg dublelift is usless trash

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