Roster Changes

24.08.2014 hi im gosu is joining Counter Logic Gaming!
23.07.2014 TSM - Support Benched - Team Now An International Mix
16.07.2014 Bench-Time Over for Diamondprox!
08.07.2014 Gambit Gaming Replace Diamondprox and Darien
02.06.2014 InSec and Zero are back, in a chinese team!
28.05.2014 NightBlue Leaving TSM
22.05.2014 New Rosters for the Jin Air Greenwings
22.05.2014 Evil Geniuses: a new marksman is joining!
14.05.2014 Gambit Gaming's midlaner is revealed!
13.05.2014 Supa Hot Crew: new support and coach!
05.05.2014 TSM Announcing New Support
05.05.2014 Xpecial Joins Team Curse
04.05.2014 Alex Ich is leaving Gambit Gaming!
02.05.2014 Alex Ich To Join Super Team 2.0?
02.05.2014 KT Bullets: inSec is leaving!
02.05.2014 NiP Releasing its League of Legends Team
02.05.2014 Chawy Joining Taipei Assassins - Taipei Snipers Pick Up...
02.05.2014 CLG Confirms A Leading Top Lane Candidate!
30.04.2014 XDG Benny retiring from League of Legends
30.04.2014 coL.Red Released - coL.Black is now compLexity.LoL
29.04.2014 Time of Team Changes!
16.04.2014 Curse: Splitting Off From Its eSports Teams!
26.03.2014 Scarra Steps Down From Dignitas
23.03.2014 Roster Changes for Millenium
19.03.2014 ActScene parts ways with NaJin
17.03.2014 Team Dignitas Goes Down Under!
04.03.2014 mousesports comes back in League of Legends scene
26.02.2014 XDG Rumors Appear to Be True!
25.02.2014 Ocelote - Back to Competitive With Gamers2!
29.01.2014 CJ Entus: To Pastures New
15.01.2014 compLexity Release LoL Team
13.01.2014 Ninjas in Pyjamas Lose Two Members
12.01.2014 SK Gaming Roster Changes: nRated Returns
09.01.2014 Who Let the Lemondogs Out?
06.01.2014 Millenium Returns With ex-Alternate's Roster
05.01.2014 Cloud9 HyperX Picks Up EU Roster
04.01.2014 Ex-Alternate Roster: Sponsor Changes!
04.01.2014 Roster Changes for Determined Gaming
11.12.2013 EG.NA Announced
11.12.2013 Alliance Joins the LCS
06.12.2013 Alternate Announce New Toplaner
04.12.2013 Alternate Roster Changes: ForellenLord Will Be Replaced!
04.12.2013 The Return of Tabe?
04.12.2013 Roster Changes for the European LCS Team Lemondogs
15.11.2013 Team Dignitas New Toplaner Announced!
07.11.2013 Gambit's New Support Announced
04.11.2013 Running The Gambit: Checkmate For Voidle?
04.11.2013 Changes To Ninjas in Pyjamas
03.11.2013 New SK Roster Announced!
29.10.2013 DontMashMe Out Of Team Coast!
29.10.2013 Napkins in Disguise: Brunch Replaces FlappyBearFish
25.10.2013 CLG Chauster Retires
16.10.2013 TBD Roster Change: Not Cursey Shore
15.10.2013 The Copenhagen Wolves Pack Changes
15.10.2013 Curse Kicking Continues
14.10.2013 Pobelter Kicked From Curse!
08.10.2013 BIG Roster Changes to Curse
26.09.2013 Arthelon And NydusHerMain Are Determined To Leave TBD
25.09.2013 Team-LDLC : A Rebirth With A New Line Up
18.09.2013 NiP Roster Changes - Malunoo Benched
18.09.2013 Kev1n and hyrqBot Out of SK!
04.09.2013 Velocity eSports Roster Changes - frommaplestreet & Slackoh
04.09.2013 Woong and Locodoco Rebuilding Maximum impact Gaming
04.09.2013 Shacker & nRated Leaving Evil Geniuses!
26.08.2013 Ex-TPA Stanley Joins Hong Kong Esports Limited
02.08.2013 Gambit Gaming Annouced Their Official Support : Voidle
02.08.2013 GIANTS! Gaming Disband - Possible New Lineup?
01.08.2013 Vileroze Calls it a Day
26.07.2013 NiP Announce New Toplaner
16.07.2013 Evil Geniuses: Snoopeh Stepping Back!
16.07.2013 Curse Welcomes a New Substitute
11.07.2013 Some Big News From KeSPA and One of Their Teams
10.07.2013 Story of Marn
08.07.2013 IWillDominate Quits Being a Professional Player
30.06.2013 More Roster Changes for the Season 2 World Champs!
26.06.2013 Ninjas In Pyjamas Benching Players!
17.06.2013 Copenhagen Wolves Pick Up PrideFC
12.06.2013 Lemondogs Pick Up SNS!
05.06.2013 The Season Two World Champions Announce A New Member
31.05.2013 MaKNooN Joins KT Rolster A !
30.05.2013 MakNooN's Journey Continues...
27.05.2013 Goodbye CLG Roster, Welcome New CLG Roster!
22.05.2013 Dignitas Acquire UK Squad
25.04.2013 Well Known Streamer BoxBox Joins Velocity eSports
23.04.2013 Rekkles Really Wrecking Fnatic's Beta Team?
19.04.2013 Millenium Disbands
18.04.2013 Team Alternate Roster Changes
05.04.2013 More LCS Team Changes: The Shake-ups and the Break-ups
28.03.2013 CJ Entus Frost Bolster their Roster!
26.03.2013 UPDATE: TSM Replaces Chaox with WildTurtle!
21.03.2013 DragonBorns Roster Changes
20.03.2013 A Series of Unfortunate Events
18.03.2013 Team MRN Has Changed!
16.03.2013 Fnatic Beta Team Finally Revealed!
14.03.2013 Switcharoo at Anexis eSports
12.03.2013 Velocity eSports Acquires Dirt Nap Gaming!
07.03.2013 AZUBU Acquires Taipei Assassins and Snipers
05.03.2013 LaMia Joins Team Ozone Gaming
27.02.2013 InSec Joins KT Rolster and Ragan Calls it Quits!
25.02.2013 FXOpen.LOL Sponsored By Azure Gaming
24.02.2013 RingTroll Parts Ways With LG-IM
18.02.2013 Locodoco Joins NaJin Shield!
14.02.2013 TSM and GGU Announcing New Subs!
12.02.2013 Polish Absolute Legends Disbanding... and Reforming!
08.02.2013 DragonBorns Finalizes Lineup!
08.02.2013 paIN Gaming Releases their Support
06.02.2013 NaJin Shield Shocks With Major Lineup Changes!
05.02.2013 Frost and Blaze Join CJ Entus!
05.02.2013 Team FeaR Becomes Team Vulcun!
05.02.2013 Fnatic Academy Roster Leaked?
04.02.2013 Ex-Pulse Joins Team Dignitas!
03.02.2013 CompLexity Signed The Brunch Club!
30.01.2013 Haydal Says Bye to Millenium
28.01.2013 Another Team Disbands!
26.01.2013 Same Old Pobelter, Whole New Academy
26.01.2013 Team Finds A New Home
24.01.2013 Team Solo Mebdi Players Banned!
22.01.2013 More Bans Coming From Riot!
19.01.2013 Riot Bans Another Pro Player!
15.01.2013 EPIK and Cloud 9 Disband after a Huge Disappointment
15.01.2013 CLG: Bigfatlp Benched! Link Starter AP!
15.01.2013 YellOwStaR joins FnaticRC
14.01.2013 Gambit Gaming: New Home For Alex Ich & Co.
10.01.2013 Shock: M5 Releases LoL Division
09.01.2013 The Rebirth of Epik Gamer
05.01.2013 NA Scene Continues With Roster Changes
04.01.2013 Rumor: Evil Geniuses Acquire
03.01.2013 TPA Forms a Second Team: TPS
02.01.2013 mousesports Changes Its Roster Again!
02.01.2013 Team MRN Reveals New Lineup
28.12.2012 Parts with CLG Organization
28.12.2012 CLG: Aphromoo Joins the Fray!
28.12.2012 Singapore Sentinels Sign a Former DotA 2 Player
27.12.2012 Absolute Legends Says Bye to NA Squad
26.12.2012 Team Dynamic Recruits Two Members!
23.12.2012 aAa Strikes With New Lineup!
21.12.2012 More Epik Gamer in the Future?
19.12.2012 Former HoN Top Player Joins Team Dignitas!
18.12.2012 First Blood for FXOpen
18.12.2012 Anexis.eSports Acquires First LoL Squad
16.12.2012 Westrice Out of Curse
13.12.2012 SK Telecom T1 Picks on a League of Legends Team!
12.12.2012 Monomaniac eSports Acquires European Squad
12.12.2012 Curse EU Released & Millenium's Rebirth
09.12.2012 Dignitas: Crumbzz Goes to the Jungle
07.12.2012 mousesports Acquires New Roster!
05.12.2012 Shock: Quantic Gaming Disbands
05.12.2012 'IWillDominate' BANNED from Season 3 Pro Circuit
05.12.2012 CLG.Prime: Bye Bye Locodoco!
27.11.2012 SuperAZE Leaves Curse EU!
26.11.2012 Team ALTERNATE: Jree Replaces Leofromkorea
12.11.2012 Quantic Steps into the Fields of Justice!
02.11.2012 Team Curse: Voyboy Replaces Salce
31.10.2012 mMe.Ferus No More!
30.10.2012 More Roster Changes in the LoL Scene
27.10.2012 mMe.Ferus Makes Big Changes!
23.10.2012 CLG: Voyboy Out, Locodoco In
21.10.2012 Big Changes in the Asian & NA Scene!
15.10.2012 Bye-Bye, Team Legion!
29.09.2012 Salce Joins Curse
25.09.2012 Curse Gaming Announces European Roster Change
24.09.2012 Team ALTERNATE Acquires LoL Team
17.09.2012 Bye-Bye Lamia!
11.09.2012 A New Team For Acer!
06.09.2012 TSM.Evo Disbands - Salce to Curse?
05.09.2012 New Promising Team: Eloblade
27.08.2012 Team Acer Begins A New Era
27.08.2012 Startale Says Bye to Their LoL Squad
26.08.2012 Shushei leaves
24.08.2012 Team Denmark: Copenhagen Wolves
15.08.2012 Bye-Bye Na'Vi LoL Squad!
30.07.2012 GameHoppers Roster Change
25.07.2012 Aphromoo Joins mTw.NA
24.07.2012 Aphromoo Leaves TSM.evo
21.07.2012 New Teams & Team Changes
21.07.2012 New Dignitas Lineup
20.07.2012 SK replace YoungBuck and Svenskeren
19.07.2012 Dignitas Release L0cust
12.07.2012 Mellisan quits FnaticRC & eSports
10.07.2012 SK Gaming Updates LoL-Lineup
04.07.2012 Team Acer in Transition
01.07.2012 New Team Monomaniac Ultimus
29.06.2012 A New Team on the Horizon
29.06.2012 Rumoured Mousesports Lineup
29.06.2012 New Lineup for Mono eSports
28.06.2012 Millenium Announce Changes
27.06.2012 New Team Playing Ducks
27.06.2012 New Lineup for LowLandLions
23.06.2012 Azubu Acquires Both Former MiG Teams
22.06.2012 SK Debuts New Lineup at 4PL All or Nothing
21.06.2012 CandyPanda and Dedrayon leave SK Gaming
13.06.2012 Former Teamcaptain Angush Rejoins Curse.EU
10.06.2012 MLG partners with CBS to broadcast on TV
05.06.2012 FnaticRaidCall Picks Up sOAZ
05.06.2012 Fnatic Releases Shushei
04.06.2012 New AD Carry for Millenium
02.06.2012 Curse Aquires Absolute Legends & Panky
01.06.2012 Parts With RaiDbawz
27.05.2012 Orbit Gaming signs new NA League of Legends team